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Dear Sir /Madam , I am Siddhartha Jana, I am a content writer, I have been working on affiliate marketing for five years and still do,  I write content about various type of affiliate and e-commerce product to multiple companies, and multiple website . I promote and sell affiliate products from Amazon, Flipkart, ClickBank. So my experience is good.

Moreover, I am a blog designer and I write content to my blog . My Blogger template and logo is 100% unique, my blogger template is very sensitive, and good looking, mobile friendly and internet speed is high.

 I promote multi company  product on my many Facebook business page. I have many social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, ok .ru, vk, Mix, Twitter, Flipboard, telegram etc.

I promote different companies and websites, and I write content according to their products, and I send them visitors and genuine buyers from my website to their website.

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