What are the considerations the police make when lash out with sticks during a "lathi charge"?

 What are the things that the police keep in mind while lashing sticks during a "lathi charge"?

While striking, nothing but enthusiasm and a desire to turn the backyard crimson is taken care of. In the second image, two police officers can be seen poised to strike with all their strength. Tell me, do the police have any plans beyond the desire to kill?

The planets' rings are their sticks.

Since I study astrology, I believe that time is more important than sticks. If the timing is right, no one will bother you. This is where this solution first appeared.

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When a police officer shoots someone's dog, what is going through his mind?

I can't speak for all police officers, but I can share with you my thoughts when I accidentally shot someone's dog.

Three dogs were reported to be on the free, assaulting other people's leashed pets, and causing property damage in a tiny town in my county. The dogs were sticking together when I arrived, ahead of animal control. The third was a large, light-colored lab mix, while the other two appeared to be pit bull/boxer hybrids. In order to make sure they didn't create any issue until animal control arrived, I sort of trailed the three large dogs around town in my car because I didn't really have any tools for trapping them.

A woman opened her front door, started shouting at me, and pointed to the house across the street as I followed them down a block. The dogs belonged there, after all. Her porch was invaded by the dogs. They began to leap and bite at the storm door as soon as she shut it.

This was becoming too risky. There was going to be an injury since those dogs were dangerous. Now, I adore dogs. a fan of dogs. I get along great with dogs and can generally work out a compromise even with the cranky ones. I exited my car and started walking toward the dogs' home while grabbing my metal clipboard to use as a barrier. That didn't sit well with them.

I nearly succeeded in making them submit. Although I adore dogs and am knowledgeable about their antics, managing three canines with an aggressive pack mentality was beyond my capacity. They started engaging in that endearing canine game when they alternately lunge at you, getting a little closer each time, with two of them attempting to surround you from behind while the other tries to catch your attention.

My Taser has a single shot. three canines The dogs were too near and hostile for pepper spray to be effective. The worst mistake I made was not using pepper spray on them as soon as they came into range; by the time I knew I was in severe trouble, it was already too late.

I pulled out my revolver and started to walk toward my squad vehicle. The dogs appeared to detect my increased confidence because they took a slight backward step. However, they were immediately on top of me before I could return to my car. I took careful to position myself such that, if I had to fire, I would be aiming in the safest area. Finally, one of the dogs surged so near that I was certain he would attack me that I opened fire. Given how near the dog was, I had my rifle pointed down at a rather steep angle.

This was meant to be a journal entry about my thoughts. I gave you every opportunity in the world, but you kept coming, so fuck you, was how I felt at the precise moment I chose to shoot. (I apologise for the profanity, but that's what I thought.)

The dog I shot was severely injured and covered my front fender with blood. Two other dogs left on foot. The owners of the dogs were at last drawn to the photo.

Of course, a little girl, maybe 12 years old, was the first to rush out of the home. In addition to yelling and sobbing, she was staring at me like I was the worst monster she had ever seen. Those three dogs, who would have loved to play tug of war with my body, were undoubtedly as gentle as kittens with "their" young daughter. Dogs are incredible in that way. I thus had nothing at all to say to her. What was going through my head at that time was "Fuck that. I'm just going to give my badge to this young kid and leave for home."

I've been forced to detain parents in front of their yelling children. I've had to take wailing, meth-addicted mothers' arms full of screaming toddlers and deliver them to DCFS. This was awful in a totally different manner. I hated it.

Dad eventually emerged. He was probably going to strike me, I thought. As long as I could get him down reasonably easy, I was already planning to issue him a warning on the aggravated battery charge, but his wife came out and calmed him down before it got that far.

The dog was shot with a.45 right in the middle of the head, yet somehow it survived. No exit wound existed. All you can see when a pit bull charges at you from that close is its head. I learned the puppy was still alive and doing well weeks after Dad took it to the doctor. Really, I have no idea how it is even possible. I clearly recall that dog's head having a perfectly round, half-inch hole gushing blood out of it.

Naturally, the family filed a legal complaint against me. The good news is that the woman from across the street gave me a perfect rating. She said she was baffled as to why I didn't shoot the dogs earlier.

It turns out that I also had a backup officer whom I didn't know until after the shot. He pulled up behind me and saw everything, but stayed in his car the whole time. I think he is smarter than me. He made a good witness, at least on my part.

I felt like absolute crap for a couple of weeks. I won't scoff about the details. It was mostly that little girl and the fact is that I really am one of those people who just can't resist playing with every dog. I wanted to go to that family and explain things to the little girl, but that certainly wouldn't have been appropriate. Dad wanted my ass, and showing up on a social call at his house would have been seen as provocation.

However, this is what was going through this cop's mind when he shot someone's dog.

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