How exactly can astrology help you get your ex-lover back?

How is astrology really helpful to get a love back?

Not exactly 100 percent, but there is a good chance.

I posed the identical query to a reputable astrologer online in 2019 at that time. Just two weeks before getting engaged, my brother Akaash and his college love Neeta experienced a terrible breakup (July 2018). Since Neeta's family and our family were longtime friends, everyone readily embraced their union. But the surprising decision to call off their wedding left everyone in a state of turmoil. Nobody could comprehend why two individuals who had been in a relationship for more than six years would stop even looking in each other's faces.

Our family and Neeta's parents both recommended consulting a well-known relationship therapist. It was. But only God knows why even the counsellor was unable to determine the factors that led them to choose not to be married.

I had had enough of seeing them try to move on and fail horribly after a year. My usually-happy, always-joking, and always the life of the home brother suddenly became like a shadow, and it hurt so much to see. No discussion, no emotion, no enthusiasm, not even a grin. He became emotionless and was always playing video games and eating. Now, I realised that both of them need astrology counselling because the situation remained unresolved despite their candour and open communication with a seasoned relationship therapist.

I requested their natal horoscopes from each of them. My phone's AstroTalk app was launched, their birth information was input, and I waited while the astrologer determined their compatibility.

Astrologer: It appears that the separation has significantly harmed both their mental and appetite health... One overeats to dull the agony, whereas the other barely consumes any food!

(I said, "It's true!") In less than a year, my brother gained more than 18 kgs after turning to food for solace. Neeta, on the other hand, was so depressed that she almost quit eating solid meals altogether, which caused her to lose 6 kg.)

Me: Do they make a good match? Is their relationship meant to be?

Astrologer: Definitely, YES. They are a perfect match. Their charts appear to be well balanced and will work nicely together. When couples join together in holy matrimony, their positive traits will be amplified and their negative traits may be eliminated.

Me: So why are they avoiding getting hitched? They practically can't even be in the same room together anymore! If not, they start yelling and disputing with one another.

The astrologer continued by describing the Saturn Dasha and Mangal Maha Dasha phases that Akaash and Neeta were going through. Both of them were under a great deal of mental strain, so they sought to find a quick solution by calling off their wedding. However, after five weeks, Akaash will join the Venus Dasha, and Neeta's Saturn Dasha will come to an end. They will undoubtedly get married once they realise how much they miss one another and how distracted by job stress they were. Both of them will advance in their jobs and enjoy fulfilling love lives after getting married.

I expressed my gratitude to the astrologer for her wisdom and watched to see whether her forecast would come true.

Not five weeks as expected, but seven. But they did understand that although their love had been frail over the previous 13–14 months, it wasn't lost. But the only thing that mattered was their genuine love and need for one another. They were now ready to wed right away!

So yes, astrology is a tool you may use to learn about your future, particularly your love and marital lives...

  • What will happen to your romantic partner?
  • When will the wedding occur?
  • How will he or she return to you?

These are a few areas where competent astrologers may be of assistance. Imagine how powerful and "ready to kick off" you feel when you are already prepared for an event! You will be much more equipped to make educated judgments and will know how to handle different events.

My personal experience has shown that both relationship and job troubles ebb and flow. Such is life. But it's a good idea to get expert assistance if something bothers you or seems out of control. I enjoy using the AstroTalk app since it features more than 5000 verified astrologers and offers the first prediction for free. I frequently receive 4-5 forecasts in a matter of minutes, and every astrologer I've encountered through the app is upbeat and supportive of taking a bigger view.

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