Describe patience || What is patience? In a tragic incident, a girl was victim of acid attack .

 In a tragic incident, a girl was victim of acid attack

When she was just 16 years old, acid attacked her, ruining both her face and her life.

A stunning, jovial girl by the name of Rani was attacked with acid on April 18, 2009, after declining a marriage proposal.

She lost her sight and had almost 80% of her face burnt. Only after a big procedure did she recover enough to keep less than 20% of her left eye.

Rani (Pramodini Raul) (Pramodini Raul).

Since then, she has been fighting for her life.

She spent nearly five years in agony on a hospital bed fighting for her life before meeting Saroj Kumar Sahu in 2014.

He has come to meet her and is a drug representative who has worked with certain NGOs. But after this, they were unable to be separated like two souls.

Picture of Saroj and Rani together

But the suffering did not end here. Now they had to deal with societal limitations. The layers of ardent thinking in our culture did not absorb their love.

But some assert that nothing can conquer pure love. And they are totally correct.

They ultimately succeeded in persuading their people to accept them as they are after nearly four years of effort. On February 14 of this year, they got engaged in a lovely ceremony.

Their engagement.

What more might be said in more detail about what patience is?

Her only skill was maintaining composure through the hardest time of her life.

PS: The offender was captured in November 2017.

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