Universe Of God Science , Does God exist ? Is there God or not? And if so, where is God?

Is there God or not? And if so, where is God? So, friends, I can claim that whatever things will happen in this blog's content today, it will definitely force you to think about whether there is a God or not, then if you really want the answer to this question, then complete this blog.

Universe Of God !! Does God exist?

Is there God or not? And if so, where is God? So, friends, I can claim that whatever things will happen in this blog's content today, it will definitely force you to think about whether there is a God or not, then if you really want the answer to this question, then complete this blog. If so, I will start talking with the universe, with the size of the human being, with the status of the human being, where is the human being, what is his status, what is his status, what is his existence? So read this blog content to know.


So let's start with the moon of our earth. I don't need to tell, but the picture you see on the top of your screen is our moon. Which is four times smaller than our Earth and not only this, it is also bigger than the planets named Cirrus and Pluto.


After that let's talk about Mercury, Mercury is much bigger than our Moon. After that let's talk about Ganymede which is another planet. He is bigger than Mercury after that let's talk about Marsh i.e. Mars which is bigger than Ganymede. Then they talk about Uranus which is much bigger than Mars and then we talk about our Earth which is bigger than Venus. After this, we talk, about Kepler a planet that is many times bigger than our Earth.


After this let's talk about Neptune which is bigger than Kepler. Then let's talk about Uranus, which is bigger than Neptune, followed by Saturn which is bigger than Uranus. And then let's talk about another star that is bigger than our Saturn. Then let's talk about Jupiter which is bigger than that star. Then let's talk about another planet. Its name is HD 100546 which is bigger than the rest of the planet. And then our sun which is the biggest of all these planets. Then let's talk about Cyrus, who is bigger than our sun.

Diameter of Planets And Stars


Moon - 3474.8 km

Mercury -4879.4 km

Ganymede-5268.2 km

Mars - 6779 km

Venus-12104 km

Earth-12742 km

Kepler-30581 km

Neptune-49244 km

Uranus- 50724 km

Saturn-116460 km

Jupiter-139820 km

HD 100546 B- 9,86,590 km



Sun- 13,92,000 km

Sirius-24,00,000 km

Pollux-1,22,44,000 km

Arcturus-3,53,42,000 km

Aldebaran- 6,14,02,000 km

Rigel- 10,97,81,500 km

Pistol Star-42,57,70,000 km

Antares-94,61,50,000 km

Betelgues-123,41,71,800 km

VY Canis Majoris -197,58,00,000 km

UY Scuti-237,65,00,000 km

In this discussion, the diameter of planets and stars has been arranged from small to large

Then let's talk about Pollux, which is bigger than Sirius, after Pollux comes Arcturus which is bigger than Pollux, Aldebaran is a bigger star than that. And then after that, there is an even bigger star Rigel, also called Blue Supergiant, bigger than Pistol Star, and even bigger is Antares, a star, bigger than Betelgeuse and then even bigger VY Canis Majoris. And even bigger is U Y SCUTI. All these stars are much bigger than our planet.



This universe is made up of galaxies and countless galaxies that amaze us to think

Now we are expanding this circle to the size of the expanding universe. What is the universe? How big is the universe? Just look at it. So maybe you will know the reality of what we are? What is a human? In this image you are seeing, there are millions of stars, there are trillions of stars, this is our galaxy. Here millions of stars are gathered together. And these trillions of stars together make a galaxy which is our galaxy, our Milky Way Galaxy, this is our galaxy whose limit is immense. Which is huge. In which there are millions of billions of stars.

This is our Milky Way Galaxy just think about its size. There is another galaxy the distinct opposite of the Milky Way Galaxy. And don't know how many galaxies like them are around us. Don't know how many are in that number of crores. What is formed by mixing all those things is our universe. By combining all those galaxies and all the circles, what is formed in our universe? This is our universe.

In which there are millions of billions of galaxies. This is our universe. This is our Universe. And not only that. What you are seeing in your blog image at the moment, is our universe, a ball. And not only that. Don't know about your universe and how many thousands of millions of crores there are universes. which are together with each other. And these millions of universes together make up the multiverse.


And do you know that above all these multiverses, there should be a super verse in which there are thousands of multiverses, millions of multiverses? This is our universe. Even if you look at it with a microscope from here, you will not be able to see it. No one is visible. Apart from all these things, if I talk, have you ever thought? How would this have come? Where would it have come from? If this universe was created, how did such a big space become? such a big place? How's it going?

Mysterious strange pyramid decorated with giant stones

Let's leave the universe, come on earth. See, everyone has heard the name of the pyramid and must have heard it. Have you ever noticed? If such a high pyramid was built, how was it built? How could another stone have been placed on top of one stone to make this pyramid where a stone weighs five tons, an elephant can also pull a five-ton stone, but how is it held to such a height?


Come back, let's talk again. Have you heard of Stonehenge? What you see in the pictures is this storage. Ever wondered what? How could such long stones have been stacked one on top of the other? Who would have kept it? What is this? Have you ever thought about it? Do you know why so much research is being done on Mars that you know what is the reason behind the fact that people are sending vehicles to Mars? People are searching for water there. Why the hell?

Darwin's doctrine is proven wrong and ridiculous

We all had read a theory in childhood that human beings have come from monkeys, and have evolved from monkeys. Some time ago some scientists raised the question that when humans have evolved from monkeys, then why didn't all monkeys become humans? Then this theory was the Rice Darwin Theory, in which it was told that humans came from monkeys, this theory was rejected.


According to a theory of Einstein, if the bee breed ends from this earth, then after a few years there will be no humans and many species will be lost. Have you ever wondered what would happen if human beings were eliminated from the earth? There will be greenery all around, there will be no dirt, no trees will be cut, and there will be no pollution. Scientists believe that humans are not only on this earth, that's why people are doing research on Mars.



It was their belief that when the holocaust came in the marsh, humans came out from there and came to the earth. and settled here! Why are there so many species of every single animal? Why are there no species of humans? Why are there more than 1000 species of snakes? Why are there so many species of monkeys, and why are there so many species of dogs? But why are humans only a species?


Have you ever thought, believe it or not, there are many such things that make us think that God exists or not? No one has the answer to this. The one who has the answer is not in this world. This fact is as if someone has seen the past, the one who comes face to face with the past, does not live in the world and people do not believe the words of the one who lives. What is Alien or isn't it?


The one who has seen is probably not in this world and the one who is in this world. People do not believe in his words. How many people in this world are unaware of the fact who is God? Some people say that we are protecting Dharma.

Some people say that we have to protect religion, protect our God, and you will protect him. You do not exist in that universe, who created this universe, you have no status, you have no existence.

When you were born, you did not know that man ever came to this earth, you do not know, for which god you are still fighting and in this, you are fighting among yourself. killing each other. Don't know how many have killed so many in the name of God, how many people have been sacrificed, for which god? For what god? Hey sometimes look at the mood, who is God, who is God, if you get a chance to think, who is God? This world is full of such strange things.

I do not know whether there is a God or not but there is something. There are some such things that if a person dies, what happens like this, what goes out of his body that the person dies, his body stops working. What is it? Have you ever thought that if you get a chance, then you must think that there are many such things? Whose secret has not been revealed till now and I think this age is short for us that its secret will be revealed. So friends, in today's content, hope that you have liked this content.

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