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SEO IN Hour 2022 ,How Local SEO Keywords Bring Leads to Your Real Estate Website


Whatever your skill level with building and marketing your real estate sales website, the fact is that you need leads. You can study SEO strategies, attend countless seminars and peruse the latest guru's blogs for tips on increasing your website traffic, but absent viable leads, your real estate business is non-existent. . Without a fresh influx of homeowner contracts and buyer performances, there is no action, no real estate contract, no sale, and of course, no income.

Fortunately, local SEO keywords and search marketing will bring those new prospects to your agent or agency business. When you understand how to properly optimize your site, that traffic will drive up search engine rankings until it arrives with just the click of a mouse. When it comes to traffic, however, the reality is often a very different picture for many real estate agents and companies. Agents face the challenge of promoting their listings and websites. Although the right online marketing strategy promises to help real estate professionals expand their monthly sales volume for homes, knowing where to start can be overwhelming, especially for beginners.

How do real estate agencies generate website traffic and leads?

Each actionable step regarding your website traffic is limited to two words: Keyword research.

keyword research tools

In fact, researching keywords is so important to your business that without it your site would sit on the World Wide Web like a needle in a haystack. No one will see all the great content, pictures or lists you diligently serve up daily or weekly.

There are many research tools, both free and paid, that you can use to learn about keywords that are important to your particular business. But no matter which tool you choose, if you are targeting keywords with a lot of competition, your site will never go up in the rankings. You will quickly learn that there will always be great websites, brands and SEO companies that will scour your real estate listings for common keyword terms within the real estate industry.

So what do you do to improve your site traffic by using keyword research?

Very easy. Find keywords with low competition. This means that if you live in Florida, you're probably not going to target the term "Florida real estate agent." The reason for this is that there will be many big companies which will have deeper pockets. They will be able to test your site for all major real estate related terms. Instead, as a small agent or broker in the Florida market, you will need to be a little creative to come out on top.

Examples of Local SEO Keywords

Let's say you live and work in Indialantic, Florida. As part of the Palm Bay and Melbourne metro areas, there is a lot of competition among real estate agents. As a knowledgeable real estate agent, you know that when potential clients search for agents in your area, you need to build up your website ranking to get your site noticed. So what do you do? You focus on local search marketing. That means instead of targeting a broad term like "Florida real estate." You would target more localized words by using area names such as:

Indian Real Estate Agent

Brevard County Florida Real Estate Agents

Melbourne Beach Realtors

Satellite Beach Real Estate Agent

Focusing on city + real estate, county + real estate or beach + real estate gives you highly localized results for people who are searching for homes or listing agents in those areas. There are potentially hundreds of other combinations you can choose from to rank your site in the local area. Figuring out which local SEO terms to choose just takes a little brainstorming and possibly mapping.

Once you have drilled-down and searched for these very specific keywords, you are ready to fully optimize your site using those terms. Make sure that every part of your website or blog content includes keywords.

Here at, we teach you everything you need to optimize your site for your niche. If you want to learn more about how local SEO keywords will drive leads to your site, join our subscriber list to get your free eBook to get started today.

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