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How did Sergei Korikalev spend so long in space? What is the physical problem if you are in space for a long time?

Friends, going to the end is not less than a dream for all of us, when I was young, my teacher asked me what do you want to do when you grow up? So year, my first answer was that I want to become an astronaut when I grow up and I can say with certainty that in childhood, all of us must have dreamed of becoming an astronaut after being fantasized from space.

 But alas, when we came to know about the cost of his studies, then all of us middle class people have to kill our dreams. Well, we will tell this pain and pain some other day, but just think and see, what level of struggle is there for those people who become astronauts in life, after practicing for years by reading and writing so much?

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And there would still be many people who wrote their whole life for their studies and spent it on zero gravity simulator. But he never got a chance to go to his space. But what if you get stuck in that terrible space for 1 year helpless and without any help!!

That too with a mood that doesn't help whether you'll ever be brought back to earth?

 You cannot even imagine the extent to which the helplessness of a person can be at that time.

 And in today's blog we are going to introduce you to this story. You are about to feel his helplessness and pitiability in that story!!

Let's get started!!

 This sad story of a capable astronaut, who was left by his own countrymen to grow in space. Friends, this is the story of Sergei Krikalev, who was born in 1958 in the Lenin Guard ie today's St. Petersburg.

Sir, when he was at the jumping age of 12 years, then his mind was attracted to space very fast, due to which he had discarded it as soon as he regained consciousness. That he will grow up to become the only and only astronaut and just because of his dream of roaming once in space, he has started studying diligently.

 After completing his degree in the year 1981, he started working in the space agency of the Soviet Union within 2 years and only after 4 years of training course on the strength of tact and his dedication, he started working in the MIR space station. was appointed to leave.

Like the International Space Station, MIR used to be a good space station in earlier times, which used to revolve around the earth like IS about 400 km above the earth. Now you will be surprised to know that under Soviet Union or MIR space station was installed in space in 1986 itself.

And think sir, see that even so many years before the formation of IS, when it was existing there, now you can guess that the Russian Astronaut and the Soviet Union's space missions also did not reduce anything in NASA's comparison. And sending a 4-year-training astronaut on such a huge mission was a huge accomplishment for Sergei as well.

Now the year 1988 has come. When Sergei Krikalev was to go on his first spacewalk and when Sergei returned after spending a few weeks in space, the Soviet Union was also so impressed by his work.

 That he not only promoted Sergei, but appointed him to go back to the space station after 3 years. Sergei was told that his next journey would begin in May 1991, and Sir is also happy that he is now about to make tremendous progress in his career.

 But in the meantime it began which neither one had expected nor

 Somebody would have wished for it. From December 1990 onwards, gradually the atmosphere of tension started in some parts of the Soviet Union. Because at that time the President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, was taking some such decisions regarding the economy and the public, which were unacceptable to all among the common citizens. However, by the time of February 1991, that air of revolution started to subside a bit, after which everyone started to feel that maybe everything was right and due to this Sergei also joined back in his preparations to go to space.

Two months later, in April 1991, once again the crowd started gathering on the streets. After which Sergei's wife requested him to postpone his space journey, but Sargi believed that his country comes before him for him.

And that's why he put his duty above his family and in May 1991, he finally left the earth and went to the MIR space station for a scheduled time of five months.

 Now friends, after coming here from Earth in May, where Sergei got busy with his work, the public riots have got wind of the opposition Communist Party, due to which the situation has gone from bad to worse.

 Now the country was handling the wrath of this public. So taking advantage of this, the Communist Party made a big effort to make a coup as the opposition,

Which, however, failed, but in this endeavour, inflicted a blow to Gorbachov's regime, which proved to be perhaps the most fatal for them.

Now when the government did not have time to recover from any situation, then he remembered that one of his astronauts had a return date, after which, due to his selfishness, instead of giving a fixed due date, Sergei directly. This message was transmitted that they will have to stay in space till the next order comes by the government.

   Sergei could not understand why he had been ordered all of a sudden.

 Just imagine, in a place like space, where spending even a day without preparation is not less than going to death, if someone is given such an order, what will happen to him?

 But despite the dangerous order in this, Sargi did not argue and decided to do the duty there till further orders under the patriotism towards his country. Now as you all would know that it is not easy for a human body to spend a long time in space.

And then imagine that Sergei did not even go with the preparation for such a long time, due to which not only did his resources and supplies start decreasing according to his needs, but his moral also went down day by day.

Only three months in space without resources, there are unlimited chances of being a victim of radiation and that dangerous radiation coming from the sun is fatal. It also increases the risk of diseases like cancer, tuberculosis and tumor . Now if your immune system is so strong that it is fighting all these diseases, even then here you cannot avoid all these things.

 Because this radiation only affects the system very rapidly, due to which you become a acceptor of even the smallest disease very soon.

 Apart from this, lack of gravitational force in space conditions can lead to loss of muscle and bone strength, as well as mental problems due to being in isolation.

 Sergei Krikalev was contacted at least once a week, but he was never mentioned about the situation on earth.

 Even his wife Alina was working as a radio operator of the Soviet space program, but still she never told Sergei anything about the economic and political crisis inflicting on their country. As they are told to depend, Alina did not tell anything to her husband thinking that he should not have any kind of tension, but in true sense, the internal source later disclosed him about the USSR in any condition. Was not allowed to say anything.

Well, whatever the reason, the clouds of ignorance were slowly weakening Sergei.

The mission which was to end on October 1991, there is no sign of its ending. And then on December 25, 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev resigned due to poor condition. And the Soviet Union split into 15 different countries, of which the Soviet Space Agency is a big organization.


It came under Russia and Mir Space Station also belonged to Russia. Now friends, in the meantime, Serge's physical condition in space was also deteriorating and due to gravitational change from his body, calcium was continuously decreasing and his physical strength and muscular strength had come to neutral. He told that in January 1992, his mental state had reached that final verge that even thoughts of committing suicide started coming to his mind, but only then in the first week of February, news was conveyed to him that he needed to bring him to earth as soon as possible. The process will be started and in one to two months they will be brought to earth.

And after hearing this news, finally Sergi's lifeless body breathed a sigh of joy after months. After spending so many months deserted and helpless in space with no hope, there was no other thought in his mind than to run away from here. And as soon as he came back to earth on 25 March 1992.

He did not feel anything else in the world other than meeting his family members. Although he was definitely sad that he had done so much for this country. Eventually that country was divided but still he was happy because he was able to return to the earth alive. After about 5000 revolutions of the Earth and spending 312 days in space.

When he was checked up, it was found that his medical condition had deteriorated to such an extent that if he had stayed in space for two more weeks, then his feet might not be able to walk on earth forever. But with the help of luck, he has returned to earth in time and now apart from this, he did not want anything else in his life.

Well, after suffering all this now and in spite of being in space like a nightmare for 10 months. The love for his dedication did not diminish in his heart.

And he has also agreed to go back to a new mission after a few months, and due to his patience and contribution, Roscosmos sent him on a respectable score by appointing him as the first crew member of the International Space Station, so that he could once It has again become a part of a glorious history.

 Well friends, would you ever like to spend 10 months alone in space? yes or no?

 Do tell me by commenting below and go friends. I must answer one of my questions that after all, who was the first person who went to the city of space?

you have option

Number One - Yuri Gagarin

Number Two - Neil, Armstrong

Number three, - Michael Collins or

Then number four - Rakesh Sharma

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