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Elon Musk NFT enters the first Ukrainian Hall of Fame and you can't buy it-Crypto News


Ukraine's government created a virtual gallery of NFT-based artifacts that are "not for sale", but are being "preserved as an expression of gratitude, similar to how paintings have been presented to royal families and famous scientists in the past Used to go." Tesla chief and Twitter buyer Elon Musk is the first to enter this virtual "Hall of Fame".Musk's decision to provide SpaceX Starlink satellite internet to aid Ukraine during the Russian invasion is said to be a major boost to the country's military.

 This virtual hall of fame is hosted on the Meta History: Museum of War platform, which is being operated by the Kuna crypto exchange, while the ultimate beneficiary of all funds raised on the platform is Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation.Hall will remember the individuals who were chosen on the basis of "how outspoken they were in supporting Ukraine, and the actual action they have taken", according to his declaration.

“Some of the other inductees include: Mila Kunis, Elton John, Jared Leto, Jim Carrey, and Benedict Cumberbatch – their drawings are set to be presented in the Hall of Fame,” he said, adding that “NFT-based artworks will remain.” Blockchain Forever” and “Ukraine supporters are literally writing history through their actions.”

"These people provided goods and services, supported us behind closed doors, and used the power of their art to draw attention to the cause and collect donations," he said.

And he added that there will be room for new additions in the "Hall" by way of "little hints," because "actions like these could earn you a place in Metahistory's Hall of Fame."On Twitter, the NFT Museum wrote that it is "grateful to celebrities who show the truth about the war in Ukraine, and the hall will be decorated by artists who will create "NFT artworks dedicated to public figures supporting Ukraine." "

Ukraine's government is urging the global crypto community and digital artists to "help Ukraine" with NFTs, asking donors to "not leave us alone with the enemy". The Ministry of Digital Transformation, which has set up a platform for crypto donations to fund the First Nation's war effort, is also accepting bids for NFTs donated earlier by the crypto community through its OpenC account.

According to an official website, all of the NFTs of Aid for Ukraine campaign deposited so far – including a rare Cryptopunks item with a minimum price of ETH 150 – is now on sale, with “100% proceeds” to fund the government. Going to give about Ukraine's campaign against Russia.

The Ethereum (ETH) address associated with the campaign holds approximately USD 264,000 worth of NFTs at the time of writing, according to Etherscan data.In addition, the NFT Museum claimed that it had released the first part of its collection of artifacts last month "to great success", and had collected US$800,000 from the sale.

The second batch of NFTs, the body noted on Twitter, will be made available on May 1.


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