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The motion of consciousness energy or eternal energy. Feeling-4


The speed of Chinmoy energy or Chaitanya energy is infinite. It is more than 10 million times the speed of light. Surprising to hear, but the real truth.This is because the speed of Chinmoy energy can be compared to the speed of the mind.

The speed of the consciousness energy 


The speed of Chinmoy energy or Chaitanya energy is infinite. It is more than 10 million times the speed of light. Surprising to hear, but the real truth.This is because the speed of Chinmoy energy can be compared to the speed of the mind.
I will discuss in detail later, the relationship between chinmoy energy and mind.Do you remember when you saw the pole stars in the night sky in the morning?If you remember, you will understand the speed of your mind.
In other words, if you are brought back from Mars, then your mind will reach Mars in a few seconds.
In other words, the speed of light in the universe is not the highest, it is very foolish to think.
If I were an atheist, the speed of my thinking would be equal to the speed of light. And if I am a believer, the speed of my thoughts will be equal to the speed of my mind. That is, the speed of thought will be 10 million times faster than the speed of light. Because the mind won the competition. Ha, ha, ha, just kidding, don't mind.
I have said a lot about Chinmoy Shakti before, if you have read it, it will not be so difficult to understand now.Since photon particles are present in the light. So it can be retained, as the plant retains it through the process of photosynthesis.

Notice that even though the light is so subtle and dynamic, it cannot reach the sea floor. Light cannot penetrate 1000km thick transparent glass. Since light cannot penetrate, whether the particle is present or not, there is no harm in considering it as a particle.
See again, the distance between the Sun, the Moon, and the gravitational force between the Earth, can be determined by the size and area of the gravitational force.

Although a person within this area and volume can feel the presence of gravitational force, gravitational force does not exist.Think carefully, you will understand whether I have said the right thing or not.No particles of this gravitational force are present. It’s just a force. So its penetrating power is more than light. But this energy is weak, because this energy is limited by a certain area and volume.The origin of this energy consists of two poles, one positive pole, the other negative pole.
It's amazing, if you can't believe it when you hear it and it's believable, the sun, the earth, the moon have poles in each of them, that's all we know. The law of rotation of the earth depends on the direction of rotation of the sun, the pole of the sun, the direction of rotation of the earth, and its own pole. Somewhat dependent on the rotation of the moon, and on the pole.
Again all the planets in the solar system and each planet has its own satellites, objects, all of which depend on the rotation of the sun and the poles of the sun.
Moreover, all the planets, satellites, objects in the solar system, they and their own rotation time, depend on each other.

Destroying one of these solar systems will soon turn the sun into the sun.This means that the planets of the solar system will take less time to reach the sun, the sun will merge these planets in its body.
However these I will discuss later. Now I have to discuss, (Chaitanya Shakti i.e. Eternal Power) about motion.
Then we realize that gravity is dependent on the force, the pole of origin, the density, the shape.

 But "Chaitanya Shakti i.e. Adishakti i.e. Eternal Power" is not dependent on all this. Because the origin of Adishakti is non-polar. So Adishakti can go in any direction. Adishakti is a subtle energy without particles but it has volume. Adishakti is the energy of consciousness, of which seven chakras are present, but different from each other. I have discussed this before, I will discuss it in more detail later.
Why did I say that there is a volume of conscious energy, or eternal energy, or primordial energy?

For example, 1 gram of helium gas can be kept in a 1 liter jar and another 100 liter jar. In the same way a primordial energy can contain a subtle body or a gross body or a large body.That is, the volume (of the primordial power or the power of consciousness) is not fixed, its volume can range from very fine to very large.I have said before that the gravitational force of a certain area can be felt, but it does not exist in this particular place. But it has its origin.

If you judge subtly, then your burden will be fulfilled here, you will consider yourself blessed,
In the same way, the primordial power or eternal power is considered to be non-existent in this place. Why are we in this particular place of primordial energy and we do not understand? The main reason for this is that the primordial energy is not like the solar ray, or no particle is present in the primordial energy like the solar ray. I have said before that if the whole universe is to be transformed into energy then this energy will be transformed into a subtle point. It is foolish to compare Adishakti with this power. Because when the whole universe reaches the end point, this power is called the foolish power, its heart is the clever full primordial power or the consciousness power .
So if the primordial energy is present in a certain place and we think it is absent, the reason is that it has no density and size, this energy is not hot or cold.

I will show the proof why the speed of the original energy is the highest? Which is more than 10 million times the speed of light, equal to the speed of the mind.

Whose particles are as fine, the speed of that ray is so high.
So the speed of light is the highest in the world. In the same way, the electron particle of an electric device is equivalent to a particle of light, so its velocity is also equivalent to that of light.
Similarly, if a particle can be subtracted from a particle of light, its penetrating power and speed increase compared to light. When the particle reaches zero state to be fine,its speed is 10 times more than that of light.

(Speed ​​of Adishakti or Chaitanya Shakti) is 10 million times faster than the speed of light because it has been in zero state from the beginning. This energy cannot be attracted or repelled by anything. That is, all obstacles in front of this energy become zero. This energy can go in all directions.This energy has no shape or form, so this energy is formless, but it has volume from very close to zero to the infinite limit.
So long as we understand that there is no form of conscious energy, that is, formless, it is weightless, it is not a terrestrial object, so there are no atoms, atoms, electrons, protons, nothing in it. There is no positivity or negativity in it. Since it is not a terrestrial object, there is no terrestrial object or element of the terrestrial world present in it. So there is nothing in this entire universe to stop or hinder its speed.
I think, I don't need to argue anymore, you have easily understood that the speed of conscious energy is more than 1 million times the speed of light.
If you want to take more arguments then I will show some more arguments later.

****Therefore the speed of conscious energy = 3 * 100,000,000,000 km and more.
 I know that man is very intelligent, in the end the truth triumphs, when man reaches this truth, then the end of science, and the beginning of religion.

** That is, we have understood by now that when science reaches its final stage, religion will begin.
 So the question is, is there no religion now?
Answer: There is religion, there is religion in the ages, if there is no religion, the world will end, the power of religion is infinite.
But people who believe in very earthly objects cannot easily reach the absolute truth.

I mean earthly objects, when a believing man takes his intellect and reasoning far above the earthly world, his intellect will fully develop. Then science will reach full height, then complete religion will begin, that is, scientists will become completely wise.

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