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What is physical energy?

Physical energy usually comes from food. This is the conversion of solar energy.
With this energy we work. This energy can be converted into another energy. The maximum speed of this energy is equal to the speed of light. For example, you can use electrical energy.This energy is also eternal but transformative. This energy is irrational, this energy is used by billions of living beings, and this energy is fixed in the inertia.This energy is the energy used by living beings. Again, sometimes this energy exists in tremendous amounts in small objects. For example, when iron is low in volume and heavy in weight.With this power, intellectuals are managing everything from small instruments to large instruments.We cannot discover energy, we can only resize objects.This energy is converted into positive and negative ways.For example, when ice enters -120 degrees, ice turns into water when it enters +120+ degrees.When a piece of iron is heated to 1000 degrees, it turns into liquid, when applied to 100,000 degrees, it turns into vapor, when applied to millions of degrees, it turns into energy. That is, it gets complete positivity.This maximum energy can be located in the smallest particle i.e. protons, even in smaller particles.In this way, if we give the whole of the universe, if given the highest positivity, it will become a final point. But think a little deeper, you will understand that the energy in this point is stupid energy. Because it has no controller, meaning no one is in control. But that is not true, it is completely false.

It has a controller, After I will analyze it with logic.

When the chinmoy energy goes out in the living creatures,then living beings become inanimate objects.But this dead creature has physical strength in its body.When the amount of physical energy is impossible for life, the chinmay energy leaves the body.Incidentally, in some cases, even though there is physical energy, the chinmay energy leaves the body, resulting in death.This means that whether the body is strong or weak, if the body is not capable of holding the Chinmoy energy, then the Chinmoy energy will leave the body.

Then the question may arise, how will the physical energy stay in the body after death?
The answer is very simple. Cut down a living tree and dry it in the sun. When the tree is dry after its death, burn it. You will see that the physical energy inside the dead tree will disappear in the form of heat energy.
And the little bit of ash that remains, if this ash can be burned to billions of degrees, that ash will become completely energy.
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