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Feelings about the universe, Feeling-1


Feelings about the universe

Hi, I am Siddhartha, I first express my respect, and sympathy to my readers, at the beginning of my writing.I will tell you about 100 feelings in my feelings about this universe. You will judge my feelings, and think subtly in your mind, when you think subtly you will be able to penetrate very deeply into it.There will be 1 to 10 questions in my feeling.I will have my own solution to these questions.If you think about my solutions, and give me feedback on these solutions, I will be more than happy.

Question 1.Who I Am?

Ans::   You think, I have to ask myself here, who am I?I tell myself,That is, the specific self is perfected.That is, when the word I is coming,that means myself completely.Now think, the intimacy(amity) in yourself is completely full.Judging by the subtle again, you will see that the whole universe is full of its amiability(amity).Think very subtly, you will see that in a sand, the amity of hundreds of atoms is present.If a brick is made with 10 handfuls of sand, this brick is very proud of amiability.When you build a building with thousands of bricks, this building is full of its ambience(amitya).Since the whole universe, full of its own amiability,So here’s an important point, which will take you deeper into it.Then a big question comes to mind,  Is the whole universe tied to a formula?As questions arise about this intimacy, questions come to mind,So is the universe alive? You judge.In my opinion, scientists would say that the moon, the sun, the planets, the stars, everything is lifeless. People, plants, animals, insects, viruses, everything is alive.Again the question arises, there is a grass, a vine leaf, which is as lifeless as straw in the sunlight, but comes alive after getting water.

So where does life come from in these grass leaves?

We confuse life with energy.In such a bundle of straw, tremendous energy is present.So the question may arise, Is this energy a form of life? I do not agree here. There is a huge difference between strength or energy and life.For example, the amount of force that a lion catches its prey, this force is its physical strength.
This energy is converted, just as energy from his food is converted into his physical energy. When the lion dies again, his physical strength merges with the ground.In this physical energy, there is a subtle energy, this subtle energy is like white light.I compared this subtle energy to white light. Because white light is a mixture of seven colors.This subtle energy is a mixture of white light and is completely different.In such a round glass ball, there are seven species of birds.
Then it is understood that Sajib, that is, he who has life, attains complete amity when two energies are present in him.
The two energies are 1. Physical energy 2. Chinmoy energy i.e. eternal energy.

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