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Why does my stomach feel bloated after drinking anything, even a glass of water?


If you sit and work for a long time, but your stomach will continue to swell. If you work in an office and go home in the evening to read to the children or watch TV with the children and eat and sleep, your stomach will gradually swell and you will feel bloated after drinking a little water.

You should come from the office and do some exercise with it, then your stomach and sexpower will be fine.

Yes i agree

You don't want to exercise when you come from the office, but you still have to exercise. You have to get up early in the morning and do yoga.

If you have a liver problem and the bowel movement is not clean, but the stomach will continue to swell.

If you work at night or if you do not sleep at night for a long time or for a few days, your stomach will swell and if you eat a little, your stomach will swell.

If you have a stomach problem for a long time or if you have a gas problem, the amount of fat in the stomach increases and the stomach feels much bigger than the body.

Some people are seen to have no body but the abdomen is much bigger than the body, then it must be understood that he has a liver problem.

What should you do if you have all those problems?

You don't go to bed early after dinner, take a short walk outside or on the roof after a meal. After walking, wash your hands and feet in lukecold water. If necessary, do a little Vajrasana for 1 to 5 minutes.

If you have cardamom at home, take out two seeds, chew them well and drink a glass of warm water.

In addition, exercise and yoga in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Get up in the morning and drink light hot water, you should not sit after drinking, you have to take a morning walk. Then you have to exercise back home and do yoga

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