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What is the main reason for the formation of gas in the stomach?


Eating extra oily foods can cause flatulence.This causes the oil in the food covered the thin layer on the stomach, preventing the food from coming into direct contact with the stomach, which can lead to gas in the stomach.

Sitting on the computer for long periods of time for long periods of time results in poor digestion and gradually weakens the liver. As a result, if some food is eaten, the food cannot be digested quickly, hence the origin of gas.

Waking up at night weakens the liver and prevents digestion of food, which can lead to flatulence.

 If you do not exercise in between sitting for a long time, the liver gradually becomes weak. As a result, the liver becomes weak.

Eating the second food is before the digestion of the one who ate the first food.

not giving the body time to digest

When the animal is sick, he does not eat anything, just rests or the jungle eats herbs, only humans keep on eating even in illness, one body is weak from above and burden is put on the body.

If you eat things that do not contain fiber, then it sticks in the digestive tract of the stomach. The gas that is formed. Or acid from the stomach comes towards the mouth, which causes burning gas acidity.

stomach upset in the morning

Drink less water Drink water in between meals Drink water after meals Drink water before meals (when you start eating food, there is an action in the stomach which is called gastric fire, it has acidic action and helps in digestion of food) If you drink water from above, then that process will slow down and the food will not be digested but it will rot.

Do not drink water on an empty stomach in the morning (Drinking water in the morning will open your defecation after drinking water, walk for 10 to 15 minutes, gradually increase the amount of water, then drink at least 1 liter of water.

Not eating food in the morning (It is very important to eat food in the morning)

Eating a heavy meal at night that won't digest quickly

alcohol cigarette consumption

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