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What happens if you eat cardamom before sleeping at night?

Cardamom is very small in appearance compared to its properties. Cardamom is not only used to add flavor to food, but it is also used as medicine. Cardamom is found in every Indian household. Cardamom has many benefits for health. Small cardamom is used for aroma and flavor. Today we are telling you the benefits of drinking hot water after eating small cardamom.

If we eat two cardamoms with hot water before sleeping at night, then know what are its benefits and what should be kept in mind while using it.

Friends, first of all let's talk about the benefits of small cardamom.

Properties- Small cardamom cures phlegm, cough, shortness of breath, piles. It is pleasing to the mind. Purifies the wound. Removes diseases of heart and throat. Makes the heart strong. Relieves psychosis, vomiting and nausea. Removes bad breath, gives aroma and breaks stones. The properties of big cardamom are similar to those of small cardamom. Consumption of cardamom is beneficial in jaundice, indigestion, urinary disorders, heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, hiccups, asthma, stones and joint pain.

If we drink hot water after eating two cardamoms, then we do not get phlegm. Therefore, eat two cardamom with warm water every night.

Eating small cardamom makes semen. Eating two cardamoms with hot water before sleeping at night, the person whose semen is thin, his semen becomes strong and thick and all types of semen disorders are destroyed. This recipe is also very beneficial for hair treatment. This recipe also reduces the problem of hair fall. People who shave their hair can adopt this recipe.

Treatment of various diseases

Dream defects: Mixing equal quantity of cardamom seeds and isabgol in gooseberry juice, taking 1-1 spoonful in the morning and evening provides relief in dreams.

In case of burning or blurred vision in the eyes: Grind cardamom seeds and sugar in equal quantity. Then add 4 grams of castor powder to it and consume it. It cools the mind and eyes and sharpens the eyesight.

Bleeding, blood-root disease:

Make a powder by taking equal quantity of cardamom seeds, saffron, nutmeg, vanshlochan, nagkesar and conch. Take 2 grams of this powder by mixing 2 grams of honey, 6 grams of cow's ghee and 3 grams of sugar. It should be consumed daily in the morning and evening for about fourteen days. After eating it at night, add sugar to half a kilo of cow's milk and drink it after heating it and go to sleep. This will give relief in rakta bile, rakta-moola-vyadhi (bloody piles) and hematuria. Keep in mind that till then do not consume hot things like jaggery, kernels etc.

If we drink hot water after eating two cardamoms, then we do not get phlegm. Therefore, eat two cardamom with warm water every night.

Kapha: Taking cardamom seeds, rock salt, ghee and honey mixed together provides relief.

Semen: Mixing cardamom seeds, mace, almonds, cow's butter and sugar candy and taking it daily in the morning strengthens semen.

Urukrichha (difficulty or burning in urination): Taking the powder of cardamom seeds mixed with honey provides relief in urine (burning in urination).

On Udvart (Malbandha) disease: After roasting a little cardamom on a lamp of ghee, mixing honey in the powder made by grinding it and licking it provides benefit in Udvart disease.

On oral diseases: Mixing the powder of cardamom seeds and powder of soaked alum, keeping it in the mouth, it brings down the saliva. After that wash the mouth with clean water. Doing this 4-5 times a day gives relief in mouth disease.

All types of pain: A decoction of cardamom seeds, asafoetida, Indrajava and rock salt should be mixed with castor oil. Due to this, the pain arising in the waist, heart, stomach, navel, back, belly, head, ears and eyes disappears immediately.

All types of fever: Boil cardamom seeds, bael and vishakhapra in milk and water until only milk remains. After cooling it, filtering it and drinking it ends all types of fever.

Kapha-urine: Cow's urine, honey or juice of banana leaves, mixing cardamom powder in any one of these three things is beneficial.


By burning the peels of cardamom, mixing its ashes with honey and licking it, it provides relief in vomiting.

Taking one-fourth spoon cardamom powder mixed with pomegranate sherbet stops vomiting immediately.

Mixing 4 pinches of cardamom powder with half a cup of pomegranate juice stops vomiting.


5-10 drops of cardamom juice is beneficial in case of vomiting, cholera, diarrhoea.

Cook 10 grams cardamom in one kg of water, when 250 ml water remains, take it off and cool it. By taking this water after sips, the side effects of cholera, thirst and urinary obstruction, etc., are cured.

Jamalghota poison: Grinding cardamom seeds in curd gives benefit.

Stomach will be Inside

If your stomach is protruding and you want to do it inside, then eat 2 cardamom and drink hot water at night. In this, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B1, B6 and vitamin C melt the excess body fat. And the fiber and calcium present in it also control weight. So do not forget to drink hot water after eating cardamom.

Hair Fall Stops

Drinking water after eating 2 cardamoms at night strengthens the hair roots. Hair fall stops and it also remains black. It also removes dandruff from the hair.

Sperm Count Increases

If your sperm count is low, then this recipe is also effective for that. Sperm count increases by drinking cardamom and hot water from above.

Blood Circulation Improves

If you drink a glass of warm water after eating two cardamoms, then along with improving blood circulation, your blood also gets purified. Due to which your skin also becomes good.

Digestion will be Strong

If you drink hot water after eating cardamom, then your digestion system becomes strong. This cleanses the intestines and kidneys. It also removes the problem of constipation.

Thanks for reading till the end.

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