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Troubled by the terror of mosquitoes || Mosquitoes || What is a home remedy to get rid of mosquitoes?

 If you are troubled by the terror of mosquitoes in the house, then instead of poisonous mosquito coils, you can drive them away with some natural things. This remedy is present in your home itself.

Burn camphor instead of coil in the room and leave it for 15-20 minutes. When you go back to the room, there will be no trace of mosquitoes.

Just as neem has immense benefits for health, mosquitoes can also be driven away from it. For this, prepare a mixture by taking equal quantity of neem and coconut oil and rub it on the body. Its effect lasts for eight hours.

Prepare a mixture by taking equal quantity of lemon oil and eucalyptus oil, now apply it on the body. Mosquitoes will not wander around you because of its smell.

Mosquitoes run away by keeping the Tulsi plant near the window or door of the room. Tulsi prevents mosquitoes from entering the house. Apart from basil, you can also use lemon and marigold plant.

Mosquitoes do not wander around because of the smell of garlic. For this, grind it and boil it in water and sprinkle it in the room. With this, not a single mosquito will be seen in the room.

The scent of lavender is very strong and mosquitoes cannot smell it and bite. You will see the effect by spraying room freshener with lavender in the room.

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