My boss is interested for time pass. He is 59 and I am 20. What should I do? I can't quit my job because I have to feed my family.

Read some comments, almost all asking you to report to HR, however life is not so black and white.Before You Contact HR, You Need to Get Some Basic Facts Right

What kind of company are you working for? That is, is it a large MNC company, a medium scale company or a local small company

How are such complaints handled in your company? Do they deal in a mature manner or MGMT pretend things don't pan out or is your company one of those companies where the victim becomes the accused.

How professional and mature is your HR department and do you think they are capable and have the necessary power within the company to handle such issues.

Is HR too friendly with this manager?

What is the position of your boss in the company, does he pull a lot of weight with particular bosses/senior mgmts or just a simple mgr. ?

What are your colleagues' opinions about this manager?

Don't go to HR or anyone without understanding these basic facts because if none of the above is favorable then company and manager can criminalize you (don't scare you but inform you so that you are well prepared)

The next step as said by others is to first collect as much evidence as possible which can be in the form of email, SMS, WhatsApp, voice recording (at the discretion). This may also include your assessment score, etc., before registering your complaint. You should record your interactions with HR (discreetly), including emails etc., as proof of when and how you interacted with HR.

You can also install a call recorder to record such harassment calls or voice recorder if it happens outside your workplace, such as your manager calling you on your mobile after work.

You should also consult a good lawyer, who can guide you on the right way to handle this matter legally so that you have the upper hand legally, especially if your HR and MGMT are incompetent.

Needless to say, you should be actively looking for other opportunities so that you can come out of such a toxic environment.

Once you have done the above things, you can report your complaint to HR and/or senior management as your complaint.

An important point that you should introspect is whether you have in any way done anything that has been misinterpreted by your manager, and how bad the situation is because you have used the word "time pass" and your There isn't a harsh word to describe the progress of managers. towards you.

Also look into this aspect because if it has arisen from some misunderstanding and misinterpretation then the situation you are in can be very easy to solve. This is why you should try to know your colleagues' opinion about your boss (especially their subordinates especially female)

Needless to say again, no job deserves this kind of harassment and humiliation, so quitting is an option if you feel like things are spiraling out of control.

Note: When you make a complaint

Be prepared to fight alone, it is common for Witnesses and other victims to change their story or turn in the middle.

Be prepared for blacklash e.g. firing from the company under the guise of poor performance, especially if HR and company MGMT are unprofessional or immature.

All the best and stay strong.

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