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If the honor of a woman is the biggest wealth, then why some respect is sold on the bed of a rich old man for 200 rupees?

 Some men nowadays don't even leave the girls of 2 months. To save them from such scoundrels, some honor comes to the bed for 200 rupees. Celebrate and thank them for their compulsions which some men are called respected in the society and women and girls are saved from rape. When there is a means to fulfill lust in 200 rupees, then so many rapes happen every day in the country !! If this tool would not have happened, then imagine what would have happened!!!

I am not saying that this needs to be encouraged! Undoubtedly, such an environment should be created that these people can live in the main stream of the society by adopting other employment and being free from this inhuman environment !! Till this is not possible, the government should ensure that the police, prostitution mafia are not able to exploit the girls by taking advantage of their compulsions.

But in our society, the women are blamed for everything. They have to do the veil too, they have to wear full clothes too, even if there is rape, only the woman is responsible. Don't men have any responsibility?? If the boy comes after raping, then he gets rid of the SHO by paying 2-4 lakhs. But if a girl is raped, then she says directly - why don't you die? And indeed girls die often by committing suicide after rape !!

Has any boy died by committing suicide after raping? Or his family members may have committed suicide! So far nothing like this has happened!

It is bitter but parents know that in old age the boy will come in handy - even today this mentality is very much. And when such incidents happen, the same mentality comes out.As much as it is necessary for girls, it is equally important for boys to have firm character.

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