How to preserve masculine strength for a long time? Long live the masculine strength!

But for how long if it is asked that if you want to increase masculine strength that too for a long time but for how long 50 years 60 years or 70 years then it is a bit difficult to say,

So let's talk that if you want to increase the masculine power for as long as possible, then for this you have to be healthy for a long time. Have to be active for a long time. Your lifestyle should also be good in the long run. Which you have to start from today.

accept it. Today if you are 25 to 30 years old or up to 35 years, then you should improve your routine from today itself.

Let's talk about how you need to improve?

Be Active

Keep yourself active, join gym, do workouts. If you can't go to the gym, do some exercise at home. Do cycling. If you can't even do cycling, then you can do a little jogging. This will do a lot of work for you.

Food And Drink

Keep a close eye on your diet because what you eat will have an effect on your whole body. Therefore, do not eat too much fried, neither eat too much sweet nor eat too much salt, so take a balanced diet.

A balanced diet means that both macronutrients and micronutrients are equal. Protein Carbohydrate Fat It is very important for us. Very little amount of protein is eaten in our India. Therefore, eat maximum amount of protein and eat at least three to four eggs daily.

And drink milk in good quantity, add dry fruits etc. to your diet and never forget to eat seasonal fruits.


Many times we have a lot of stress due to work, etc., so that is why we should consume some things. Some Ayurvedic things are also very good which show us good effect and are being used for a long time not from today, out of which Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Safed Musli, Shatavari can also be consumed.

Even if not used regularly, but can be used in winter. Ashwagandha will reduce your stress. Iron is found in Shilajit, fulvic acid is found, which keeps the amount of iron in the body right. Keeps it balanced. Shatavar and Safed Musli increases sexual desire and maintains sexual power.

Leave The Wrong

Nowadays, due to the arrival of mobile, we are very much safe in mobile and start watching many wrong things in mobile like porn etc. Stay away from porn.

Do these three or four things and your masculine power will remain for a long time.

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