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How Mush powerful is money? How powerful is the power of money?

There is a lot of power in money because it is also mentioned in the scriptures that without Lakshmi, the world cannot be created, that means, any activity of the world, from the birth of a person to the death rites, cannot happen without Lakshmi, which we see in practical life. But there is more point to this because man has mind, emotions, feelings, so he is human, otherwise he would be a machine. 

Talking about the whole world, the developed countries, where population is controlled, society has culture, society is educated, work is done there. Both are given importance and the individual is also given importance, but in our India, there is more population, there is work and resources, but there is no one to know them and there is no one to know, then there are no educated people capable of doing that work. 

There is no practical knowledge to do the work, so unemployment is high in our India. Then after that in India more thought is given emotionally instead of taking anything in practical form like keeping off work on festivals considers them inauspicious regionalism casteism politics nepotism due to this also there is lot of unemployment. Then in our India, the person who has the money, the power, his words are considered to be true even if that thing is wrong and the one who has the knowledge, the intelligence, if there is no basis, then his words are not accepted, looking at the future, we work. 

We don't, that's why the power of money is more in us, money talks about money, money matters a lot in front of human life. Now let me tell you a small example, if both husband and wife are educated in a good company and work on a good post and get a good salary and if there is a difference of 10 ₹ 5000 in the salary of both, then the relationship of both will get spoiled. The attitude of seeing each other will change, it will be difficult to give respect to each other. That's why money is not everything but a lot, but in India there is money at many levels. 

The corruption and politics of our country has made the country so hollow, people always run after jugaad instead of taking it and think of earning money wrongly from side cuts where the system is bad or is not organized there. The power of money is high, although the whole world runs after money, if America is also fighting a war in Syria, then no one is fighting a war for the society or the people there, there are economic reasons behind it like America. If we are fighting a war for oil to support our interests, then it is all for money, even if a rich country like America runs after money, then you can understand how much power is in money.

According to scholars, the biggest force on the earth is the nuclear force.

Just know that after that the most force or power is in money and money.

Having money is very important. Nothing is without money.

Without money, neither pearls (wealths) are available, nor the support of other human beings (friends, relatives, etc.) nor chun (flour) means food.

To survive, both the stomach and the mind must be full, which requires food and friends/relatives. And as explained in the above couplet, without money both cannot be found.

Money has incomparable power to attract guests. If there is no money, then not many people will attend your marriage ceremony. But if you have money, then many begans will become a waiter in the marriage of your son and daughter and will also present dance, so different.

Another example of the force of money is that money attracts money.

If you have money then you can get education in best school/college. After that, you can earn more money by doing new business or investment from the knowledge acquired. Life gets easier.

On the other hand if you do not have money then you may have to work twice or thrice to achieve the above things.Due to paucity of money, many good boys remain single for life and many with money get married even at the age of 89:

Just as the force exerted by using a lever is manifold, in the same way your force or power is manifold when you have money. You get leverage in life.It is said that money brings success or maybe success gives money. But whatever happens, success always has many fathers and failure is always an orphan.

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