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How important is money in life?

 There was a boy who lived in a village with his parents, that boy was quick to read and write, but his friends thought that if he could get a job by studying, then his life would be happy and no one in this world would he be able to get a job. Happiness can be bought by his wealth, but that boy often did not agree with his words and due to which many thoughts kept coming in his mind.

It is a matter of one day that he mentioned the same thing to his father and said that father, if we have a lot of money, can we be the happiest person in the world, then after hearing this the boy's father said that Well in the evening when I come back from my work, we talk about it and then in the evening the boy's father brought a small mango plant to his garden and then with his son in his garden. Going to plant, then together with his son, plant that mango plant in the ground, then after that the father of that boy says that look son, you had asked this morning whether all happiness can be obtained from money, then this Look at the mango tree and think whether we have planted it in vain because it will take a long time for this plant to become a tree and then it will also take time to bear fruit and we may or may not get to eat its fruit. If we get this, we all think that it is a waste of time, then it is okay if you just think if everyone starts thinking that why should we plant trees, if we have to eat fruits, then we can go to the market with our money. You can buy fruits and say that they are available immediately without wasting time, so think when everyone thinks that money can buy everything, in such a way that no one will plant these trees, then one day it will also come on this earth. Everyone can have a lot of wealth, but when there are no trees that give fruit, then think what is the value of this money, when we do not get food and fruits etc. may cost.

Hearing all these things from his father, the boy had understood that we all think that even if everyone earns a lot of money, then there is no value of money until this money has no value.

Education -

Friends, we get the same education from this story that there is a balance of nature in this world, in everything nature keeps its balance like night after day, cold after summer, sunshine, trees, plants, rivers, ponds, animals. There is a balance in everything, river, mountain, but in today's time, he wants to get everything only at the cost of money, even if it is not in an arbitrary way, friends, think if the people of this earth start thinking the same then any farmer can farm. I do not want to produce food, if everyone is just after earning money, then this world will be completely filled with notes, but in the absence of food, these notes will be like waste paper.

That is why the need of man is not paper notes or money, the need of man is only bread, cloth and house and the person who fulfills these basic needs, the same person is the happiest in today's time because it is often said that Yes, we can buy happiness with money, but we can never buy peace of mind with this money, think when there was no money in ancient times, were people not happy.

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