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Children With Parents || What is wealth?

 What is wealth?

Money is not only wealth, as for parents, their children are wealth and for their children, their values ​​are real wealth. Wealth means that person or thing that increases our respect; it occurs.

Similarly, the respect of a woman increases her respect.

At present the price of gold is very high, but if a person does not even know the importance of that gold, then if he does not know what is the price of that gold, then he can consider it a piece and sell it for 10 kg, similarly if a woman If you don't know your respect less importance, then as we see abroad, the women there do not feel ashamed to be naked with everyone on small things because they do not understand that because of this work of a woman in the eyes of others. How low will the respect go?

As we see in the history, Rajput queen johared for her honor by jumping into the burning fire. Because for him his honor was worth more than his life

The question that we are talking about, he got upbringing in such a way that he never got a chance to know the importance of being a woman.

Under some compulsion or in some other way got trapped in this swamp. And under the same compulsion, he is teaching them to do all this.

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