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 Online Sale Best Template 2021 

Hello friends, today I am going to talk about a great blogging template that is the most popular of 2021. Most bloggers will like and buy this template first. Because this template can be easily used by a small child. The speed of this template is very high. This template will run at a tremendous speed even on slow internet. This template looks very good on both mobile and computer. 

(Important- This template is completely SEO friendly and internet speed is also very good so this template will get your website approved by Google in AdSense soon.) 

The blogging templates we usually use are not completely mobile friendly!

  This is because when we check on the mobile, the full picture is not seen on the home page of the mobile and the cut picture is seen. 

The templates we buy from the market, i.e. online, are not completely mobile friendly. 

The cut images in those templates can also be seen on the home page of the mobile. If necessary, you can download and test a couple of templates from online. You can easily understand whether the whole picture is coming on the mobile or the cut picture is coming. 

You will see that there are cut pictures in these templates. 
Google prefers templates that display images perfectly on the mobile homepage. 

That means it is completely 100% mobile friendly. Because usually 90% of people use mobile. The remaining 10% use computers or laptops. 
Since more than 90% of the people in the world use mobile, if it is mobile friendly, the SEO rank in Google increases by 90%. 

*** Blogging template that we will give you the blogging template, and see the difference between the mobile image of other blogging templates. ***

** Our Blogging Template Video **

100% Mobile 📱 Friendly

The link will look much better than this.
Going to mobile and computer,
  Go to the link once and check.

--Other Blog Template Videos--

60% Mobile 📱 Friendly

This template looks like Facebook, Quora, Tumblr in nearby Black 🖤 mode.

I'm just comparing our site with Facebook, the rest you can go to Dark Mode and compare yourself on mobile.

Match our template with Facebook -


100% Mobile User And 100% Mobile Friendly 

*****আমাদের ব্লগ টেমপ্লেট 

100% Mobile User And 100% Mobile Friendly 

******What are the benefits of this template?******

1. Mobile friendly 

2. Google SEO ranking is high.

3. High Speed Internet.

4. Quick Site Approve By Google AdSense

5.Meny Feature / Category / List

6.Good Look Both/Mobile 📱 And Computer 🖥 Or Laptop
7.Related posts look good

8.The next and previous options are clearly shown

9.The template is very easy to arrange

10.Full Picture Capability 

11.Ability to sort features and categories in three ways

12.Many Share Option

13. 12 Month Premium Support

14*Customization Support

15.For Unlimited Domains

16.Lifetime Template Updates

How do you set the template?

Answer - First you have to buy by clicking on the BUY NOW option below. The template will be sent to your email immediately. From there you need to download the XML file of the template.

******You can set the template in three processes as you wish.*****

1.Process One

Front Page > Show Home +Category> Click Category

After Click Category

You Will Look This Way

2.Process Tow

All Menu Top(Home+Category) +All Side MenuSee the picture 


3.Process Three

Go To Dashboard Of Your Page
You will See
(All Menu +Sub Menu)

How To Setting? 
Look This Video

(Only the template sent to your email can be used by you, not anyone else, if someone else uses it, your internet speed will gradually get worse, and SEO may rank down.)

This template is currently being sold at a 50% discount. But you will not get this discount later. If you buy this template from us, we will send you secret videos of how you can sell products of Amazon and other affiliate companies around the world and how you can make huge profits from it, within a week. You will not find these secret videos on YouTube .If you want to sell your own product in the future, I will send you the idea through video.You will check the email and you will get the videos within a week .

You can buy by clicking above


Warning: - The template you buy will get ninety four percent function but will not get one hundred percent function. This means that it will not be exactly as you see on the main site (, to make the whole 100% full, all the functions are filled in the template coding, that is, 100% full of functions. If it is not exactly the same, that is, the body color of the template may be different, you can go to customize in your blogs and change the color as you wish. If you try, you can do 100% in the future as you see it now. This is because now all the coding of the function you are seeing on Main Site ( is filled in the template given to you. Many more coding may be added to this template in the future, when new updates will be announced immediately \ that benefit is only free for new customers, time limit is only one year. Its functions will be further improved in the future, and those old customers i.e. those whose limit has exceeded 1 year will need extra money to update the new ones. If you do not want to upgrade the template, or you do not want to update the old template, then there is no problem, you can use the old template lifetime. All members and admins of the site are not responsible for this.

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