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  Blog appreciation

"I like this blog very much. I do not know what I am doing without you and your great knowledge! Thanks a lot!"

-PC, Facebook

"I will always give you credit for my daughter's ability to read. Thanks for your sound advice and suggestions for reading! God bless you, Ms. Hale! "

-Jrd., Facebook

"Stop talking about these reading issues, Natalie! This is very important for our children with Down syndrome. My daughter had no choice, but these children do! So give it to these parents ... you are a tiger! "

–CDF, Facebook

"Thank you so much for sharing this amazing information with how-to !!!! It is very appreciated !!! "

–CMB, Facebook

“You always have good humor in your posts / blogs. So much fun and easy to read! And for the record, we are still on flash reading (your style) and would you believe she is really enjoying it. Yessss !! "

-Jrd., Facebook

“Your blog is very insightful to read. I love your idea of ​​adopting trade books. We have some that have a lot of text, which would be fantastic, revised for our seven-year-old reader. Thanks for the reward! "

–RM, Facebook

"Thank you very much for sharing. I have found it extremely useful ... I am ready to revise some books!"

-HB, Facebook

“Your advice or repeat, repeat, repeat is dead… I enjoy reading your post where I can find such useful information. Thanks for all your advice. It is priceless! "

- DS, Facebook

"I am about to begin this early phase of reading in my daughter's education (she is 4 years old). We are only getting to know the letters, but your posts really bring positivity to a task that sometimes - Sometimes it feels heavy. "

-KP, Facebook

"My daughter is 11 years old, and we used the 'coherent approach' with you once a day, 5 minutes, twice a day. She is now a brilliant reader with a reading age of 10 and reading. Her new words Means reading and searching. It's definitely worth it! "

-AN, Facebook

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