Best 10 tips-How to Write SCO Optimized Articles on a Blog


10 Tips: How to Write SCO Optimized Articles on a Blog

SEO Optimized Article: Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to talk about how to write SEO Optimized Article on Blogger Blog so that our Blog can get up on Search Ranking and we can get maximum traffic from Search Engine.

To show any blog on the first page in search results, we need to write a complete SEO optimized article on our blog so that the search engine can read our article easily and show it on the first page because unless our blog Traffic on the first page will not show on our blog. "SEO Optimized Articles"

So today we are telling you about some such things, using which you will be able to show your article on the first page in the search result and can also write quality content for your blog.

01- Keyword Selection for SEO Optimized Article When you write an article on a topic, that topic is your main keyword, so before writing the article you have to see how much competition is on that search and how much the search is for that keyword. Belong to Which will give you an idea of ​​which keyword you should use in your article.

We would suggest you to always select only the keywords with less competition so that you face less competition and you can easily rank your article.

After you have selected the keywords, you then need to focus on the titles you can use in your article, how many headings you have to apply to your main keywords, and how many headings you need to use in alternative headings Have to use.

02- Create a title and sub-title for your article. Let us make it clear in advance that Google shows articles at the top that use more information as well as alternative keywords, so headings are very important to you.

Using paragraphs in an article increases the readability of your article, allowing people to read and understand your article easily. Therefore, you should use more and more paragraphs in your article.

When you write an article, always try to do anything new or when you have to add something new to your sentence or you are going to explain something extra, write them in the new paragraph itself, so that the thing Readers you have understood well.

03- Write a readable paragraph, with this, if your paragraph is getting longer, then you should try to use as many as 6-7 lines in your paragraph, so that your article is good and easy to read. . .

When you write an article, first enter your main keywords in the first and second paragraphs so that the search engine can quickly identify your main keywords and show your article at the top.

In the first paragraph, you should enter your main keyword at least 1 and no more than 2 times and in the second paragraph only 1 time because if you use your main keyword more in these paragraphs, the keyword will be filled in your article. Will happen. And your Artilce will not be able to rank, so be very careful when placing keywords.

Search Engine cannot read images, so both Blogger and WordPress offer you image customization so that you can customize your image. 04- SEO Optimized Paragraph

You can write your main keyword in the image by optimizing your image, which is very important for search ranking.

Many times when you use multiple (more than one) images in an article, do not enter your main keyword on those images at all, it is very bad from the SEO point of view and your article has never been ranked is. does not make.

Therefore, you should use the keywords of your titles or alternative keywords on your images, which will increase the density of your alternative keywords and while searching for those keywords, your article may get a chance to come to the top.

05- Image Optimization

When we create a blog, our blog has an address, just like when we write an article, that article also has an address (URL) of which in the language of on page SEO is called Permalink. .

Both Blogger and Wordpress provide you the facility of Permalink Optimization so that you can create your Permalink SEO Friendly Permalink.

To make Permalink SEO friendly, you need to focus on a few things:

Your permalink should be small. The shorter a permalink you write, the better it will be for your article.

You can enter your Main Keyword in your Permalink.

Do not use Stop Words in Permalink.

06- SEO Optimized Paralinks

When you search a keyword (topic) on the Internet, the results you get are shown from the same website in three options, including the title, permalink and description.

By reading the description, the readers know what they will get to read in that article, and most people open the article by reading the description, so the description is very important for you.

You can write an SEO optimized description for your article

. Which should be less than 140 words because if you use more words than this, then your description will not appear properly in the search results and it will make sense to read well.

More about this source text  Source text required for additional translation information

I will not come.

If you are blogging on WordPress, you can install SEO By Yoast Plugin which helps you to write descriptions and count words.

But if you use Blogger, you do not find any such plugin there, then there is no problem, you can use other online tools such as seomofo. It is a tool that helps you to write SEO optimized details. is. With which you will be able to write your description easily.

When you write an article, you can add a link to your other articles in your article so that when a visitor visits your article, they get to know about your other articles and also read them. .

Also, according to on page SEO, internal links to articles are very important. To write an SEO friendly article, you need to add all articles or alternative articles on that topic to your article, so that the search engines know how much information is available on your article related to that keyword.

By doing internal linking, your article becomes SEO optimized and also helps you to increase traffic. Therefore, you must create an internal link.

07- SEO Optimized Description

To write a competitive article, your article must be at least 1000 words, only then this article can appear on the first page in the search results.

Many times people get confused what to write in a 1000 word article so that the article can be so long, then we give you a suggestion.

As we said in the beginning, you have to create headings and sub-headings before writing the article, so when you focus on headings and sub-headings, your article will be more than 1000 words and it will be the first Search engine. Also appears on the page.

Using labels and tags, you can easily rank your articles because here you can enter your main keywords and target keywords. So that Search Bots read your tags and show your article on the first page.

We would suggest you to use a maximum of 3 tags or labels in your article so that the search bot does not get confused reading your tag and can push your article.

We have tried to explain you well on all the topics in this article, so that you can write SEO optimized articles for your blog and make your blog appear on the first page. 08- Internal Links 09- Write Competitive Articles 10- Add Labels And Tags To Conclusion (SEO Optimized Articles)

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