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20 Best topic for YouTube channel Idea || First time When I Go to Starting YouTube Video Best Idea And Top 20 Best Tips In Life

Topic For YouTube Channel . First time When I Go to Starting  YouTube Video Best Idea And Top  20 Best Tips In Life

There are some topics of YouTube channel which are searched and seen a lot on YouTube and on such topic, channel is created in 2021, if you really want to earn money and get success on YouTube, then you should never choose such topic. In which you do not have any interest, you are making it only to earn money.

In this way, you never get success, if you ever make a YouTube channel on any topic, then you should take good information about it, which if you want to work on YouTube for a long time, do not come to YouTube only for the purpose of earning because such people will stay for some time. They are excited but after some time they stop working.

Best Topic for YouTube Video in English

1. Entertainment Channel

Entertainment channel - For entertainment, every person takes out some of his time for entertainment, there are many topics for entertainment, out of which if you have any art, then start with these categories, make videos on categories like Music, Rank Video, Comedy, Singing. The demand for entertainment will never decrease, there is a lot of potential in this category and the chances of getting success increase, you can start earning money soon.

2 . Blogging Channel

Through blogging channel, you can show people about your life, how you live and where it is said that you do not have to work very hard in this video, people get to learn a lot from him and people You like to watch, you do not have to prepare for it, just you can earn good money by recording videos about yourself every day and uploading them on YouTube, this can be the best YouTube channel idea for you.

3. Travel Channel

Traveling Channel - If you like to travel and have to go somewhere everyday, then you can record it as a video and show it on your YouTube channel, there is no much competition in it, so very soon your YouTube channel can become big. .

You can also earn a lot in this Traveling video is liked by many people and a large number of searches are done on YouTube. There is no need to do any script or any plan in the Traveling channel and a lot of hard work is also needed in it. You can upload it to YouTube channel by recording a video that is not known anywhere.

4. Opinion Channel

Opinion Channel - In this channel you can know the views of the people, talk among the people and to know their opinion, many new issues keep coming in the country, on which the common man's opinion or what to say on such topics, you can make videos. You can make what people like very much and see that a channel can be made on this topic, this can also be the best YouTube channel topic for you.

5. Cooking Channel

Cooking Channel - In present times, cooking videos are seen in large numbers on YouTube, if you also have an interest in cooking, then you can also make a video on this topic because people like to eat new recipes. Searching and watching recipes on YouTube, so the cooking channel can grow very quickly and earn good money from YouTube.

6. Educational Channel

Educational Channel- On this channel you can make videos related to education like GK, Banking Exam Prepration, online padhai, there are many topics which can put videos on education channel, it definitely takes some time for the channel to grow. But it is a good channel topic, if you have information, then through this you can teach people, it can also be very good for you in YouTube Channel Topic 2021.

7. Gaming Channel

Gaming channel - Any trending game is running on this type of channel or you can make video on the game in which you are interested, such videos, who like to watch the game, so a large number of people like the video and youtube But if you search, you can get success very quickly on YouTube and you can earn good income from YouTube.

8. Challenging Channel

Challenging Channel- In this type of channel you can upload Challenging video on YouTube like betting on something or food will go or accept any other type of Chalenge and you can make video by recording and uploading the video to YouTube. You can and can earn money, this can also be a very good YouTube channel topic for you.

9. Kids Content Channel

Kids Content Channel - In this channel, children can make videos on things that children can play, like children can learn English alphabet or cartoon videos can make poems videos, such videos, young children like to watch a lot and there is very little competition in it. The channel may be running very quickly.

10. Agriculture Channel

Agriculture Channel- Through such a channel, you can make videos related to farming, such as how to grow a crop, you can give information about new crops or you can show the equipment related to farming and tell about it. Many people like to watch videos, there is very little content on this type of YouTube, you can make videos on this content and upload it to your YouTube channel.

11. Business Idea Channel

Business idea channel - can give information about new business opportunity, apart from taking permission from its owner can show the ongoing business to the common people in the form of a video, this helps a lot to the new business owner and such channel is very much liked. is done.

12. Health Tip Channel

Health Tip Channel- At present, most of the people are very curious about their health, if you have information related to health or you have done any study in this field, then this YouTube channel idea can be very good and beneficial for you and the channel will grow. You can earn a lot of money by doing it.

13. Interview Channel

Interview Channel - If you like to meet and talk to new people, then you can interview those people who are a successful person in their life, many people like to know and hear about such people, if you want then this By creating this type of channel, successful people can approach for the videos of their channel.

14. Dance Video Channel

Dance Video Channel - This channel can prove to be good for those who are interested in dancing and want to make a career in dance, then YouTube can prove to be very good for them, in this situation, keep learning and make the same video on your channel. Upload it also, you will start making some profit.

15. Website Development Channel

Website Developer Channel - Presently everyone searches the internet to become a professional website for their business, how to make a website for free, if you have interest in web developing and have knowledge, then you can share this to new business men. It can be very easy to create a website.

16. Bocial Experiment Channel

Social Experiment Channel - In today's time, a lot of people like to see and listen to new things and the situation everywhere, then a good and easy YouTube channel topic can be for you, in this you do not need to go anywhere, just go around you. The nearby things can reach the general public in the form of a video, such a channel is also getting a lot of growth.

17. Photography Tips Channel

Photography Tips Channel- Today's youth love to shoot photos very much, if you are also interested in this field, then it can be much better for you because there will be a lot of increase in this field in the coming time, so you can try this topic. can choose.

18. Money Saving & Tax Tips Channel

Money Saving & Tax Tips Channel - If you are knowledgeable or have knowledge of finance field, then this YouTube channel category can be very good for you. You can help them in this, what is FD, what is RD, how to file income tax, you can share information related to income tax.

19. Stock & Share Market Tips Channel

Stock & Share Market Tips Channel - Every day a large amount of new people enter the investment market but they do not have as much information as is needed, if you have good knowledge in this field, then share the same information and people. And you can earn good money from youtube channel.

20. Fashion Tips Channel

Fashion Tips Chanel - As the age of internet is increasing, so is the growth of the field of fashion, everyone wants to see a new look in themselves, they are becoming very aware about their dressing sense regarding their clothes, so this topic But you can cover these topics and give tips.

Here are the 20 best YouTube channel ideas, such a channel topic on which you can earn money by making videos, you can create a YouTube channel on any of the above topics, there is a lot of traffic on all of them, which if you also want to start a YouTube channel like this You can start a channel on any one topic.


I hope you like Youtube channel topic 2021- and best topic to start youtube in english. This post would have helped a lot and you would have got rid of all the problems related to Youtube channel ideas.

Which if you have any question related to this, then you can ask by commenting, I will definitely answer it and if you are interested in reading such posts, then follow our Facebook and Instagram page and get new information everyday in English. .

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