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8 APRIL 2020

Before I begin, I would just like to say that people are free to spend this unprecedented time, however they like it. You can bake 17 banana breads (if there is any flour left in the supermarket, that is) and write a novel, or spend the next few days / weeks / months and do nothing but play animal crossings, you We do. Be productive Do not be productive. Just whatever you imagine, I am not there to tell you what you should and should not do, nor should anyone else be on social media.

That being said, if you spend some time putting together some content for your blog, I thought I'd compile a list of 15 lockdown blog post ideas to make getting started a little easier. If you decide to write any of these, please send them to me, I would love to read them! This girl has a little more time on her hands, after all…

15 Lockdown Blog Post Ideas

01 // Tips for Productivity It's fair to say that none of us are working 100% at the moment (makes sense) but any tips and tricks to help you get any kind of tips Would be more than welcome, I'm sure. It is important not to forget that there are still many people from home still working as usual!

02 // Your Lockdown Routine I asked on Instagram if my followers were interested in reading a post on my 'lockdown routine' and the overwhelming response was yes! By no means is it an hour by hour schedule, but a list of things I am trying to do Catch Day to have some kind of structure and generality.

03 // One room trip We are all spending more time at home, why not show it off? I want to see what the four walls you see in Catch Day look like and I am comparing them to the people I see.

04 // List of positive things It is easy to forget that it is not all doom and gloom, good things are still happening and are positive every day. list them. Shout about them. Write a full blog post about them. Positivity produces positivity and all that.

05 // Your plans When it's all over, it's probably reasonable to assume that when we end this lockdown and normality is restored, we spend a lot of time thinking about those things. I am going to watch Pals, go out for every meal and keep a browse of all the shops, just because I can. what you?

06 // shows that you are currently binge when we all need the motivation to choose something to see. I've seen 80% of the stuff on Netflix so far, so there's always room for recommendations.

07 // Home Workout Idea If you have come across a home workout that is really good, or even prepared your own, write it down. For me, finding a good workout plan always takes longer than the actual workouts, so having a list of all workouts in one place would be really easy!

08 // Book Review Lockdown Found to those of us who do not usually read very often. I'm not very unfit about book blogging and don't know what TBR 'was until recent times, but reading some book reviews won't really happen right now.

09 // A good way to bake a cake for a few hours. Baking the cake and taking photos, and writing the recipe, is a good way to pass more than a few hours. It took a day to put together my Bischoff Cheesecake recipe post and I don't know about you, but I will say with all my heart that it was worth it. This is the tastiest thing ever and it has received fantastic response!

10 // Self-care tips Taking care of yourself is more important now than ever. There has never been a better time to compile a list of selfcare tips for your followers!

11 // What is your current playlist you are listening to at the moment? Now that I've got more free time on my hand, I've made a big playlist in my April to-do list and can do with whatever inspiration I can get. I don't know about you, but I always find myself listening to all of the albums on repeat and things need to change.

12 // Local Businesses for Support in Your Area It is incredible to see the amazing things that local businesses are doing to support people during these chaotic times. Our free bouquets from flowers were handed over to NHS workers at restaurants making DIY food kits to make at home. Why not list all the hard working local businesses at this time and support them in what they are doing?

13 // Your meal plan for the week We are now advised to shop only for essentials, and as much as possible, getting organized with food has suddenly become more important. Write a list of all the food you are making in the coming week and link to any recipe you have written earlier!

14 // Lockdown Favorites A twist on the standard monthly favorites, why not round up everything you're liking in lockdown. The books you like, about the skincare products you've seen, reveal the ones you've worn the most. Compile them all in a bumper post of perfect recommendations for this uncertain time!

15 // A Roundup of Great Blog Posts You've Recently Read Shout out to your blogger friends, tell your followers about other fab posts you've been reading recently and send your readers the way they are!

Want to spend even more time working on your blog? I have written a whole series of posts on blogging chats that will give you all kinds of ideas for your content and other things you can start today. Fancy watching just some Necflix instead? I don't blame you Here is my Netflix Watch List to give you some inspiration…

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