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World civilization in the age of science, Crime against creation PAGE-22


Crime against creation


 * "We are now threatened by self-inflicted, swiftly-moving environmental alterations about whose long-term biological and ecological consequences we are still painfully ignorantdepletion of the protective Ozone layer, a global warming unprecedented in the last one hundred fifty millenia; the obliteration of an acre of forest every second; the rapid-fire extinction of species, and the prospect of a global nuclear war that would put at risk most of the population of the Earth.

 There may well be other such dangers of which, in our ignorance, we are still unaware. Individually and cumulatively they represent a trap being set for the human species, a trap we are setting for ourselves.

 However principled and lofty (or naive and shortsighted) the justifications may have been for the activities that brought forth such dangers, seperately and together they now imperil our species and many others. 

We are close to committing - many would argue we are already committing - what in religious language is sometimes called Crimes against Creation......... "As scientists, many of us have had profound experiences of awe and reverence before the universe.......... We understand that what is regarded as sacred is more likely to be treated with care and respect. 

Our planetary home should be so regarded. Efforts to safeguard and cherish the environment need to be infused with a vision of the sacred."

"Problems of such magnitude, and solutions demanding so broad a perspective, must be recognized from the outset as having religious as well as a scientific dimension.Mindful of our common responsibilities, we scientists - many of us long engaged in combating the environmental crisis - urgently appeal to the world religious community to commit, in word and deed, and as boldly as is required to preserve the environment of the Earth."

* "Science has reached the stars and beyond men have walked on the moon. God willing, we will find no life on other planets for we would surely destroy it. Before science can advance any further , may God reach the hearts and souls and brains of those involved in the science of death and destruction and change their hearts and mind sufficiently, thereby allowing them to work for life and creation."

"As for the human family, the God of may understanding, a gentle nad wid father, must weep as he looks down on the children he created, for the family he loves is indeed very ill. "The human family", born with intelligence and self-adifs seems sadly laeking in the areas the creator wanted us to excel in compossion, love of one other, brother hood forgivens and understanding."

The Human Family had easily these words roll off the tounge. It makes me sad and yet I wonder what kind of family, in a world that is capable facing itself, allows her children to starve What kind of family allows the development and use of weapons of man--destruction What kind of family allows her elders leaders to justify these weapons and tell her members it's "for defense". I feel sure the family members who perish as a result of this so-called defense are very grateful that they are being so well defended!"

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