Sudden injury to the body ||What to do if you suddenly get injured anywhere in the body?


If you've been attacked with a blunt or sharp weapon and it's stuck in your body, don't remove it: it can save you from a fatal hemorrhage, wait for help and leave the object there, no matter how much you also suffer.

If you get a strong blow to the scalp and you have symptoms of nausea, dizziness or dilation of the pupil, run to the doctor, even if you don't feel so bad. You can have a very serious brain injury and realize it only hours later when you faint and go into a coma in the worst case scenario. Immediate action can save you.

Still on the subject of a blow to the head, if you get a head injury it takes your body about a month to heal from this injury: during this period any other very strong blow to the head can kill you: it This is called second impact syndrome and is the reason why in combat sports you cannot return to the ring for a month after a KO.

If you also suspect internal bleeding, do not drink or eat anything before going to the doctor. It can be fatal for you.

Be very careful when you're in a car without a headrest: there is a rapid increase in the risk of a witch stroke or, in the worst case, neck fracture, in the event of a rear-end collision.

Never try to take a knife out of someone's hand unless your life is in real danger: it is nearly impossible to remove a knife from a person who knows how to use it without seriously injuring himself.

Never touch someone who has had an electric shock for any reason. Pulling it away is the most instinctive reaction but it can kill you. Instead, use some insulating object.

When you're in the car, pay attention to other drivers on the road more than you: Pay maximum attention to how the people around you drive and take distance if anyone seems distracted or incapacitated.

As selfish as it may sound, it's better to avoid diving to save a drowning person if you don't know how to do it: There's a reason lifeguards take a course. A drowning person will often take you to the bottom with them, especially if you are nervous and not in excellent physical shape.

Another small thing but a mistake many people make anyway: Never put the seat belt under your armpits. In the event of an accident, you run the risk of breaking your rib.

There are people who have died from electric shock because they used bluetooth headphones while connected to a charger: never do this.

Before intervening in any situation to save someone, take a few seconds to analyze your surroundings and any hazards (for example, has there been an accident in the middle of the road? Make sure it is reported and you are not at risk of running up). This is the first thing they teach in BLSD courses.

Never go submarine dive without a friend, even if you are the fittest of divers. Also, never dive without a knife: what if you were caught underwater somewhere?

Never turn your back on a dog that shows an aggressive attitude (obviously I am referring to dogs that can be dangerous). Instead, back away slowly - the dog probably wants you to leave his territory.

In general, trust your instincts: We've had this tool for millennia, use it. If someone gives you bad feelings, keep them away. If a place makes you feel "wrong," avoid it. If you're feeling bad, listen to it.

In the event of a plane crash, the best thing to do is to do your job or follow employees' instructions to the letter instead of panicking.

Never try to move a person with suspected spinal or neck trauma.

To put out a fire, the firefighter must aim at the base of the flame.

There is a saying that says "the maniac's friend was killed with an unloaded weapon": there are countless cases in crime news that died or were injured because they were using a firearm improperly. If you ever handle a gun at a shooting range, always treat it as if it were loaded. Always.

Punching with your mouth closed and chin down slightly softens the impact and may give you a chance to escape or react. Taking a punch with an open mouth and a protruding chin will probably KO you with everything that goes with it if they're attacking you.

When you have a fight with someone, always keep your distance. One or two steps are enough.

In any context it's not a good idea for you to use the recommended protection, it's stupid: a motorcycle helmet can protect you from head injury, an on-site helmet can protect you from an object falling from above and so on.

A small update:

This is for those who are complaining in the comments.:

1. Obviously, I took most of the points from internet because I just want to share some facts which can be useful for people. Nothing else. Do you know everything about everything?

And my main objective is to gather information and write answers using that information. If the information is good and shareable then I don't care if the information is taken from elsewhere.

2. Besides, none of you told me where I made a mistake or which point of the answer is wrong. Instead of giving some constructive criticism, you guys are trying to bash me. Somebody even said that I have a bad mentality. What?

Is writing an answer using an app made for a "specific purpose" seen as a lousy mindset? I am learning strange things every day. What do you use "Google Translate" for? To eat samosas? And if it is not allowed then I will stop using it. But I don't think Quora has a problem with that? Then why are you caring about it?

3. In the end, this is just an answer. And if you want to criticize someone, try to do it constructively instead of being arrogant. You don't have to be toxic about it.

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