What should be done if the traffic police takes out the key of the car?

 What should be done if the traffic police takes out the key of the car?

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It is illegal for the police to remove keys from a vehicle. If a policeman does this then he is violating the guidelines issued by the police department and the Motor Vehicles Act.

No policeman has the right to take out the keys of your vehicle. According to the information received under the Right to Information (RTI) filed with the police department, no policeman, irrespective of rank, can get the key of any two-wheeler, three-wheeler or four-wheeler.

In the new Motor Vehicles Act 2019, it has been directed that only traffic police officers of the rank of Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) or above are authorized to issue challans or notices for traffic violations. Officers of the ranks of ASI (One-Star), Sub-Inspector (Two-Star) and Inspector (Three-Star) are authorized to collect spot fines only.

If the traffic policemen misbehave with you in the name of checking or abusing or assaulting you, then you can complain against it to the nearest police station or you can complain to the police helpline by dialing 100 number.

If action is not taken on this also, then the matter can be taken to the High Court. File a civil and human rights violation case against the policeman. Due to this, the said policeman can be suspended and action can also be taken against the police officers who escaped him.

Always keep in mind that the Motor Vehicles Act does not give a policeman the right to commit hooliganism. They can only cut the challan and confiscate the vehicle. Policemen can stop the car by simply pointing with their hand. If someone does not stop the vehicle then he has the right to take appropriate action against him. The policeman has the right to check the certificate of pollution level 

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