The victory flag of Krishna Bhavanamrita movement is all over the world (PAGE-283)

The victory flag of Krishna Bhavanamrita movement is all over the world


 History repeats itself, history repeats itself. The ancient glorious history of India, the myth is now mythology, many people think fiction. But the truth is that the truth cannot be erased just by covering the sun with clouds, the horizon of the sun is revealed by dividing the horizon at one time. The whole world was once ruled by the immensely powerful Maharajas of India; Such as Maharaja Yudhisthira, Parikshit.

What is now called a continent was formerly called an island, or year. The Saptadvipa Sasagara is ruled by the Kshatriya Maharajas of India, whose information is contained in the Vedic scriptures. Different countries of the world used to send tariffs acknowledging the subordination of the Maharajas of India. Parikshit Maharaj went to China, there was nothing unknown or unknown in this world of seven continents. There is even evidence of Kalidasa's experience in Shakuntalam Sanskrit literature. Verse 6/33 of this book: Rathenanutastimita Gatina Tirnaj Ladhih. Purasaptadvipang Jayati Basudhampratirath: "This son will soon cross the sea in uninterrupted speed and Saptadeepa will conquer the world."

There are hundreds of such examples. There was nothing forbidden before crossing the sea. There are traces of the spread of ancient traditional Vedic culture in many parts of the world. Angkor Wat in Cambodia — Meaning: Onkarakshetra, Vishnu Temple is now the largest temple in the world. The name of the airline in Indonesia is Garuda Airways.

We are facing another bright era. The prophecy in the Vedic scriptures is that after the descent of Lord Krishna as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Krishna will pervade all over the world, will pervade the Sanatan, will accept, and will begin from the decline, decline and decay of Kali Yuga. The people of the world will be delighted to taste the nectar. So it may seem unbelievable, but the predictions of the Vedic scriptures are infallible.

“Indeed, the entire people of India are devoted to the spiritual life. Born in India, he has naturally inherited a spiritual life. Unfortunately, the leaders of India are now dispelling this misconception. That is, since the spiritual tendency in India is very high, the material progress of this country has been hampered. This is a misconception. Rather, if you improve spiritually, you will automatically find a beautiful solution to your inanimate needs. ”

- Srila Prabhupada, Speech, 14.04.62

"There is a constant propaganda for the people of India to forget Krishna consciousness, but it is not possible for the people of India, because Lord Krishna Himself appeared here."

—Speech, September, 1972.

 India once ruled the world

“It is clear that the monarchs of India once ruled the whole world, and their culture was Vedic. About five thousand years ago, when Mahatma Bidur was on a pilgrimage, this land was still known as Bharatvarsha. The history of the world could not provide any coherent information about what happened three thousand years ago, but even before that the emperor of the whole world was Maharaja Yudhisthira and under his banner the whole world was under his military power.

Hundreds of flags are now seen flying at the United Nations, but at the time of Bidur there was only one flag by the grace of Lord Krishna. The nations of the world are again eager to establish a state under one flag, but if they really want that, then they must pray to the grace of the Supreme Lord Krishna. Only he can help us build a state around the world. ”

—Bha: 3/1/20

 Residents of the outside world are receiving Krishna Bhavanamrit. "It is a matter of pride for us that the people of other countries outside the world are embracing this culture of Krishna Bhavanamrit." . —Speech 24.10.62

India is a holy land. Stunning Vedic culture of India, rejuvenated spiritual civilization, Vedic knowledge. According to Schopenhauer, the thinker called it "My solace in life." The great civilizations of the world have gone into decline. Greek, Rayman has no civilization. Indian civilization is intact. The British came to India to loot India's wealth. The three ships that the East India Company sent to Britain after the first Indian conquest provided the logistics of the Industrial Revolution. But the outcome was not pleasant.

Dordandapratap Kutchakri Lord Clive went to his homeland and desperately committed suicide and tragically ended his present life. As a result of the Industrial Revolution, the earth was filled with carbon and nitrous oxide. People's minds are full of corrupt thoughts. People are intoxicated with bat-races according to the insanity behind some glossy material, and that is as inanimate as possible for that action. Only the knowledge of livelihood, the knowledge of precious life is elusive. This shallow inert culture does not have the capacity to sustain world civilization for long.

The wealth that Britain has plundered, the empire it has built, has crumbled with the passage of time. The British sun has set. They took inanimate wealth from India, but did not find the real wealth of India.

He who was born in India should first make his life successful with the knowledge given by Lord Krishna, then distribute it to other countrymen, to the world. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has given this instruction to the people of India.

Srila Prabhupada sailed west on an envoy ship at the behest of a later representative of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati). He took 40 rupees with him, which according to America is not enough to spend an hour in the country. But he took with him that wealth which no one could plunder and eternal spiritual knowledge, Krishna Bhavanamrita.

The spread of Krishna Bhavanamrit in the West has started a new renaissance, a renaissance of spiritual culture in inert civilization. The practice of pure devotional worship as well as Vedic culture has spread all over the world. Not that the whole world has just embraced the spiritual culture, at the state level. But in every country a section of the masses has taken over, and the Krishna Bhavanamrita movement is spreading, increasingly touching more and more people. The bright radiance of Krishna Bhavanamrita, more and more people are tasting the divine nectar of Krishna Bhavanamrita.

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu took a vow to make the people of the whole world taste the sweetness of Bhagavat-love and make them happy and immortal forever. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Sri Krishna Himself, therefore his prophecy is Amegh. Just as the Pandava side would be victorious, the demonic power would be destroyed, this prophecy of Lord Krishna was immeasurable, inviolable, inevitable truth. In every country of the world, in cities and villages, people will chant the divine name of Lord Krishna, as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu prophesied (Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata, Madhya Khand, Chapter 2, Antakhand Chapter 4).

He further predicts that for this he will send a general devotee abroad in due time (Chaitanya-mangal, Adi Khand, Chapter 2). In Srila Prabhupada's 12-year campaign, Biswajoy proves the truth of his statement. The British, Americans, Germans, French, Japanese will accept Krishna devotion, even fifty years ago it was unimaginable. Srila Prabhupada made that impossible possible by preaching the words of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. They have taken real knowledge by bowing their heads at the feet of a Krishna devotee, have become pure Krishna devotees, have invested their intellect, intellect, talent and wealth in the Krishna-conscious movement. Abandoning his inanimate body-ethnic title, he has only manifested himself in this eternal identity, a devotee of Lord Krishna. As a result, the people of the world are uniting on a real spiritual level. Literary and journalist Amitabh Chowdhury commented that it is incomparable in the history of evangelism in the world. No ghost, no future --- The Sanskrit proverb is written to describe such an unprecedented event.

The Krishna Bhavanamrita movement, this Sankirtan movement initiated by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is not temporary or short-lived. According to the scriptures, it is the age-religion of the people of the world in Kali Yuga. Lord Krishna Himself, the golden incarnation of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, will launch a pure Bhagavata-love-based chanting movement all over the world, a prophecy of the Vedic scriptures thousands of years ago. Now Hare Krishna's Divyanam is a well-known word all over the world.

"I am not a Hindu but I hold the doctrine of the Hindus concerning a future state to be incomparably more rational, more pious and more." likely to deter men from vice than horrid opinions inculcated by the Christians as punishment without end. "

The philosophy of continuous devotion to Krishna by young people abroad, adoption of traditional religions is proving the truth of his statement.

 Regular fans are going to foreign universities and giving classes on Krishna Bhavanamrit philosophy. This acceptance is not shallow or showy (Showy, superficial?). There are countless examples. For example, the world-famous Beatles musician George Harrison donated the Bhaktivedanta Manor Estate on the outskirts of London to establish the Sri Krishna Temple; The value of this land of several acres is in the millions of pounds.

At the time of his death a few years ago, George Sarrison made his last wish and his body was cremated in a cheetah, and the ashes were scattered in the Punyasalila Ganga in India. His well-wishers fulfilled his last wish by spreading his ashes in the Ganges hundreds of kilometers wide by plane. In the Chant and Be Happy text (BRT), Harrison explains the reason for his Harinam Mahamantra-Preeti. In this way, he erected a new British portrait of Harrison, chanting Harinam in homage to the cunning Clive image. This transformation, Transformation is a visible miracle. The whole question is what is going on. Thus the sublime globalization of Bengali culture, the triumph of the Banga Gaurav Sri Chaitanyadev-initiated Kshana Bhavanamrita movement flew to the ends of the earth and the globalization of traditional religions, but the Bengali media is largely dumb and deaf in this regard. The future will tell when their vision will reach a wider range beyond the realm of regional insignificance.

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