Srila Prabhupada Speaks Lecture on Bhagavadgita, Melbourne, Australia,April 4, 1972 (PAGE-285)

  Srila Prabhupada Speaks Lecture on Bhagavadgita, Melbourne, Australia,April 4, 1972


 A Krishna conscious person sees a flower. He sees the flower a creation of God. Krishna. “Oh, Krishna is so artistic that he has created this flower by His energy so nicely, so decorately, so good flavour. So it is Krishna's thing. Let me offer it to Krishna." This is Krishna Consciousness.

If you become in everything Krishna conscious, then your life is successful. That we are teaching. It is a very scientific movement actually, that is the position. You cannot create a flower so nicely fragrant so beautifully made. It is not in your power. But it must have been done by somebody. You cannot say. “By nature." What is this nature? They say, foolish persons say. “It is nature." But you explain what is nature. Naure means God's nature, God's energy. That is nature. God's evergy is so fine and so subtle that we cannot see it, how it is working but it is working. The energy of God is working there.

Just like nowadays the electronic age, when you have got a television machine within your room, simply push its button, push on a button and immediately the photo is there the sound is there. But do not think that it is being done automatically. No, there is a good brain there is a good brain, who has discovered this machine. You do not know. You are simply pushing on this button, you are seeing. But don't think it has come automatically by nature. That is not possible. You do not know how it is working. That is your ignorance. But that is not working without direction. There is direction. There is a television house who are broadcasting their direction. They know how to work the machine and everything The brain is working, but it is so advanced that in your room, as soon as you push on a button you see everything. But don't think it is becoming automatically done. No, that is not the fact.

Similarly you take anything. You do not know the method how it is being worked, but there is method. It is so quick and it is so perfect that even without my knowledge it is coming out. It is scientific. Therefore the Vedas says, parasya sakir vividhaiya sruyate : “The Supreme Lord has got multi-varieties of energy and they are working.”

....You see. Either a flower or anything, nature's product, it is perfectly done. In this way you have to develop your God consciousness or Krishna consciousness. There are books, there are explanations. There are teachers. So the human life is meant for this purpose to understand how God is working, what is God, even what is His name, where does He live, what is our relationship with Him, how things are being managed.

Athato brahma jinasa. Therefore the Vedanta-sutra says that “This life is simply meant for inquiring about the Supreme.” That's all. The animal cannot do it. So simply if I waste our time just like the animals.... The animals' life is simply busy for four things : eating, sleeping mating and defense. That's all. They do not know anything more than that. So human life, if we simply...... Of course, so long we have got this body we have to be seeking after eating, sleeping, mating and defending. But not that we shall waste our time simply for these four things. There is a fifth platform which is brahma-jinasa, inquiry about the Supreme. And there are information, perfect knowledge. If you want to consult, you want to take it, then your life will be perfect.

Otherwise if we simply waste our time for the animal propensities of life, then again we glide down to the animal life. That is a great loss.

After many many births, we have got this human form of life. If we simply waste like cats and dogs, then again we become cats and dogs or trees or anything. There are so many species of life. That will be a great mistake, great loss. Havoc it will be.

Therefore our Krishna consciousness movement is to educate people 10 God consciousness or Krishna consciousness so that his life may be a success. Thank you very much.”

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