Does a new life really begin after 40?

 Does a new life really begin after 40?

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About 3 years ago when I turned 40, I also thought maybe a new life would start now. It is not that you will get a new life, but changes do happen in your life.

After 40 you care less about the world. In your 20s and 30s you pay a lot of attention to your outward personality and are concerned about people's opinion of you. Whereas after 40 you stop caring about this thing. It all seems so small to you.

By 40, you get to know the condition and direction of your life. You understand the difference between dream and reality. Here in the 20s you used to dream of becoming a millionaire, by 40 you stop dreaming.

Don't get distracted quickly. If I compare with the efficiency done in my office, earlier I used to work for 12–14 hours but now only 8–10 hours, but here earlier I used to get restless quickly and now I am not distracted at all. Meaning you get to turn things around.

The biggest change about men- Your hair on your head starts decreasing and your waist size starts increasing. After 40, your body cells start decreasing. So it is necessary to exercise and whatever you used to eat in 20s and 30s, you cannot do it now.

Your eyesight starts getting weak. It was told to me by the eye doctor that before 40 the far sight and after that the near vision starts getting weak.

A pause comes. The wandering subsides but you start missing the zeal of your youth. Here in youth, you used to jump even from 15-20 feet height, after 40, the legs start trembling with the imagination of jumping from 8-10 feet height.

In today's time, 40 would not be called the arrival of old age, but the knocking has already started. The peak of your enthusiasm has gone out, but the graph of your senses increases.

So if you consider all these changes as a new life, then it is another matter, according to me, it is only an important stage of life.

Edit - If I remember some more points then thought I should complete 10 points.

After 40, hunger and thirst also persecutes more. Here in 20s and 30s one could work hours after hours without worrying about hunger and thirst, in 40s if breakfast is skipped, the energy meter starts going down by noon.

 Understand why my boss didn't want to travel on late night flights. Know the importance of a good sleep. Now even I feel that sleep should not be disturbed even if you go to hell on foreign tour. Gone are the days when we used to stay up till 2 o'clock in the night to watch a football match. Now it seems that if you don't sleep all night, then your goal will definitely be scored in the match.

The habit of looking at oneself in the mirror goes away automatically. Significant changes start taking place in your appearance.

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