Devotees of Sri Sri Krishna. The victory flag of Sri Krishna Bhavanamrita movement is all over the world (PAGE-282)

 Devotees of Sri Sri Krishna. The victory flag of Sri Krishna Bhavanamrita movement is all over the world


 History repeats itself, history repeats itself. The ancient glorious history of India, the myth is now mythology, many people think fiction. But the truth is that the truth cannot be erased just by covering the sun with clouds, the horizon of the sun is revealed by dividing the horizon at one time. The whole world was once ruled by the immensely powerful Maharajas of India; Such as Maharaja Yudhisthira, Parikshit.

What is now called a continent was formerly called an island, or year. The Saptadvipa Sasagara is ruled by the Kshatriya Maharajas of India, whose information is contained in the Vedic scriptures. Different countries of the world used to send tariffs acknowledging the subordination of the Maharajas of India. Parikshit Maharaj went to China, there was nothing unknown or unknown in this world of seven continents. There is even evidence of Kalidasa's experience in Shakuntalam Sanskrit literature. Verse 6/33 of this book: Rathenanutastimita Gatina Tirnaj Ladhih. Purasaptadvipang Jayati Basudhampratirath: "This son will soon cross the sea in uninterrupted speed and Saptadeepa will conquer the world."

There are hundreds of such examples. There was nothing forbidden before crossing the sea. There are traces of the spread of ancient traditional Vedic culture in many parts of the world. Angkor Wat in Cambodia — Meaning: Onkarakshetra, Vishnu Temple is now the largest temple in the world. The name of the airline in Indonesia is Garuda Airways.

We are facing another bright era. The prophecy in the Vedic scriptures is that after the descent of Lord Krishna as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Krishna Bhavanamrita will be spread all over the world, Sanatan will pervade and will take place The people of the world will be delighted to taste the nectar. So it may seem unbelievable, but the predictions of the Vedic scriptures are infallible.

“Indeed, the entire people of India are devoted to the spiritual life. He who is born in India is naturally born with a legacy of spiritual life

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