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Cottagecore Aesthetic 101: What is this fashion trend, and how to achieve it?

Do you remember the cottage core trend that emerged during the initial quarantine in 2020? It's still going stronger than ever! Time has called for loose silhouettes and comfort to be a top priority in fashion, so it makes sense for the cottagescore aesthetic to maintain its ground even in 2021.

What is Cottagecore in Fashion?

Cottagecore, also known as countrycore or farmcore, is much more than just a visual aesthetic. It is a lifestyle that romanticises and idealizes the simple living, humble background and lifestyle of the generally western countryside or countryside. In fashion, it has become a celebration of that romanticism and close association with nature, using whimsical and rural-inspired silhouettes and prints. Think: A-line silhouettes, flowy skirts and dresses, puffy sleeves, dainty floral prints, discreet lace accents, natural fabrics, checks or stripes, and generally earthy or muted tones.

The trend was primarily promoted by teenagers and young adults, who romanticize the idea of ​​being an 'old-soul', and it developed and got its name on global social media and sharing platforms such as Tumblr and TikTok. . Web series like 'Bridgeton' created a boom in cottagecore fashion this year! Do you see why it got so much popularity? It undoubtedly serves as a beautiful form of escapism for a world that is picturesque, leisurely and completely your own!


Wearing these romantic and alluring designs can help transport people from their homes to a quaint cottage in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Looks beautiful, doesn't it? How about you join us on this journey with some beautiful modern cottagecore dresses? Check them out!

1. Ditsy Green A-Line Dress

Ruffles, ankle-length hem, paneled skirt, short sleeves and don't forget, the cool sage green color – make the cool atmosphere all the more so with this cottagecore dress!



2. Plaid Khaki A-Line Dress

This dress is the perfect representation of a stylized and trendy approach to romanticize the rural lifestyle. 

Over a sleeveless dress with an empire waist and knee-length plaid checks in khaki shades – all of which make for practical and cute vibes!



3.Green A-Line Shirred Dress 👗 

Luscious green and lovely floral prints in white make for a beautiful outfit worn casually to romantic life in the lush forest!


4. Button Smoke Dress

Although this dress is available in 3 shades, we urge you to buy the pink color for maximum, delicate cottagecore aesthetic! The relaxed and breezy smock-like fit and 3/4 sleeves are totally on trend!


5. Striped Blue A-Line Dress

He added more length, puff sleeves and a gathered paneled skirt to your most casual and elegant shirt. Cottagecore with a really modern touch!


6. Solid Yellow A-Line Dress

A V-shaped neckline paired with a knee-length, paneled skirt and puffy, flounce sleeves is perfect to go about your day! The rich yellow just adds to the youth and hope of living an ideal life.



7. Plaid Sky-Blue A-Line Dress

While the front slit gives it a modern touch, the sky-blue plaid check, rectangular neck and fluted, flounce sleeves make us want to live in a small cottage by the river. One can dream, right?


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