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YOGA Padmasana || Why do we call Padmasana the first yoga in yoga?


The first of the yogasanas is the Padmasana,

Why do we call Padmasana the first yoga in yoga?

This is because I can say, for example, that if you want to do something in the right way, it is very important that you have the full will to do it. And in order to complete that work, you have to do the work with concentration, that is, if your mind jumps here and there, then your work will not be fully revealed.

So in order to complete a task, first you have to increase the willpower i.e. interest in that task, then the task will be completed.

If we do Padmasana before all the yoga poses, or do Padmasana before any action, that is, before the work, then our mind is fixed on that work, our willpower and concentration towards this work increases.

So Padmasana should be done before any action.

Therefore, it is not inappropriate to call Padmasana Purbasana, that is, there is no harm in calling Padmasana Purbasana.

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How do we start Padmasana?

 Method - Sit with legs spread straight in front. This time the right leg should be broken from the knee and placed on the left knee. So that the ankle of the right foot touches the base of the left side in the lower abdomen. Now the left leg should be broken off from the knee and placed on the right leg in such a way that the ankle of the left leg touches the base of the right leg. In this case, it is important to keep an eye on the knees so that they do not fall off the ground. The head, neck and spine will look straight and straight while sitting in this seat. It is better to put your hands on your lap like the picture on both sides.

Padma has similarities with such position of the two verses. So it seems that the name of this seat is Padmasana.

In this position, the legs should be spread for 30 seconds and the legs should be changed, that is, first the legs should be broken from the knees and you should practice Padmasana just like before. This seat should be practiced 4 times in 30 seconds first. Each time you practice this asana, you should spread your legs and rest for 15 seconds.

Benefits - It is especially important for students to practice this yoga posture, this posture increases concentration and concentration, this posture calms our mind, so that we can easily understand any subject of our study.

For those who are studying science, if all these students do this yoga asana then it is very beneficial for them.

As a result of this asana, the blood flow of our whole body is in proper condition, as a result of this asana our spine is strong and strong, as a result of this asana we can gain longevity.

This yoga practice eliminates arthritis of the feet. Padmasana is a physical position so that the spine is not bent. Our youth and health depend on the performance of the spine. The more we can keep it unbend and flexible, the better the internal organs will work and our youth will remain intact. Therefore, it is especially beneficial for those who have to sit and do work (such as students, clerks, etc.) to practice this seat at least 2 to 4 times in their leisure time throughout the day.

This yoga is essential in the practice of meditation. This yoga practice leads to concentration. Long life can be gained.

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