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  Ozone cavities, nuclear tests, accidents, waste


Ozone Cavity: -The protective shield from the sun's harmful ultraviolet or ultraviolet rays, this gaseous mantle that covers the earth has already become a hole in the size of the Americas.

Scientists have seen this weight hole at the two poles of the earth (as a result of the earth's magnetism).

Carbon or CFC, nitrous oxide etc. are being poured evenly into the chlorofluoride. In the air জু across the earth.

Even if urea is added to the soil, nitrous oxide from it mixes with the air and damages the ozone layer. Ozone layer loss in the sky of Kolkata is 32.6%. The ozone cavity is growing.

 Nuclear Tests, Accidents, Waste: -

Only scientists can estimate the amount of radioactive radiation that can occur by neucliar explotion ,if an atom bomb weighing thousands of kilotons or more explodes.

For example, when the first hydrogen bomb exploded in the Atlantic Ocean, hundreds of square meters of sea-water exploded to a height of about one and a half kilometers (1.2 km); radioactive radiation is immeasurable.

Explosions in the ground also cause local changes in the surface. As a result, it could be the cause of earthquakes, scientists say, this information is also in the secondary geological text book.

So far, more than 3,000 nuclear bombs have been detonated. Everyone knows about the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident (Ukraine, Russia, April 26, 1986). Within a 20-mile radius of a nuclear power plant, 135,000 people had to be evacuated.

 A similar accident occurred in Pennsylvania, USA, in 1989, when a 3-kilometer-long power plant on the island virtually melted, causing dangerous levels of radio-acid content in the atmosphere.

Power plants in the United States alone have more than 15,000 metric tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste, which will remain active for 250,000 years.

Nuclear reactor power stations are being developed in almost every country in the world. Millions of metric tons of radioactive waste emitted from them will continue to poison the earth for millions of years.

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