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World Civilization in the Age of Science: How Safe is the Developed World? Is the environment on the brink of disaster? PAGE-4

  Is the environment on the brink of disaster?


 Modern civilization is highly mechanized. Billions of cars are being produced annually in factories covering millions of acres of land. The size of the ships is dropping kilometers, the planes are becoming gigantic.

In addition, millions of industrial factories are making billions of instruments and tools for the comfort of civilized people.

Billions of tons of greenhouse gases are being released into the air. Greenhouse gases refers to those harmful or toxic gases that, according to the Glass House for growing vegetables in cold regions, act as heat-traps.

At present, the car industries of the first 40 industrialized countries of the world are producing 1.8 billion tons of this GH gas annually. If we take it all over the world, it will stand at around three thousand crore tons every year.

The world is getting warmer.

‘The difference between the disaster and the current situation is only 1.2 degrees Celsius. As soon as the earth's (average) temperature reaches that level, the polar ice caps will melt, the oceans will be flooded, forests will be destroyed, agriculture will change drastically, and some countries will face severe drought.

The environment of the world will change radically. If we are not careful now, in 10-15 years, the temperature of the earth will reach the level of disaster.

Difference Polar Sea Ice 1989-2020

This lightning signal of catastrophe is not the excitement on paper, it is the result of the study of Khaed scientists. The task force, comprising scientists, industrialists and politicians from around the world, overseen by the United States, Britain and Australia, has conducted a comprehensive environmental survey and produced a report on global warming.

 The report should be sent to the planners of every developed, developing and underdeveloped country to save civilization, so that they can take specific measures to avoid catastrophe. But what will be the special result?

The magic flame of human fervor that is heating up the earth will reduce the fervor in which magic wand? For example, the United States has not signed the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while the United States contributes 20 percent of the carbon dioxide that people emit into the air each year to run their machinery.

Scientists surveyed the foundation year before the Industrial Revolution in 1850; Accordingly, the average temperature has risen by about 1 degree. According to their study, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air will reach 400 ppm.

  Earth's temperature will rise by 2 degrees Celsius more than in 1850. At present, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is 369 ppm, and more than 2 ppm of gas is released into the air every year.

If this continues, carbon dioxide will reach 400 ppm in 10-15 years, the temperature will increase, the sea level will rise as the polar ice melts. According to a study by another group of scientists, sea levels have already begun to rise by 2 millimeters a year, which will accelerate in the future.

As the world develops, people become more and more dependent on machines.

As science advances, our environment becomes more and more toxic and polluted, epidemics like corona are spreading all over the world, ice is melting on both poles of the earth, the atmosphere in many cities has become polluted and toxic. No one is being made small here, but we have to think about the environment, about the life of every living thing, but the question for my readers is what will happen if the science thinking style is used for social welfare?

Another question: How safe is our developed world? Reader friends, if you answer through the comments, I will be very happy?

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