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World Civilization in the Age of Science: ‘Skyscraper City’,Holiday tour in space

 How advanced is our advanced world and advanced science, on the life and nature of successive future generations?


‘Skyscraper City’

So far we have seen skyscraper buildings or skyscrapers. With this, the competition in the country is not less. The Twin Towers (now the past) of the Trade Center in the United States, the tallest buildings in Malaysia and Shanghai have been placed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

 But despite all this, it is becoming difficult for the governments of many countries to accommodate people in the city. Japanese technicians are now busy designing a house that will be about a mile and a half high. This huge building will be almost an entire city in itself. There will be a direct mobile car or car to reach the highest floor, not the elevator. Schools, hospitals প্রায় this sky-scraping building-city will be self-sufficient with almost everything necessary. Of course, there will be no blue sky and the smell of green earth, touch, panoramic view — but what is in it? Glass-houses will accommodate countless families.

Holiday tour in space

Such are the future plans of scientists. Scientists have long planned to build a spaceship that can take-off and land according to the plane; NASA's Columbia succeeds in this plan. But Colombia is not enough; Research is underway into advanced, safer spacecraft.

It is possible for astronauts to build spacecraft suitable for public travel; If you give money then space The tour company will take you on a pleasure trip to space — if you want you can do space walks too! Already, South African businessman Marcus Salworth is on a two-day space tour through the Russian space agency.

As science progresses, our daily lives become more and more polluted, and now the air is not completely clean for our breathing. The air in the city is absolutely unclean. The amount of CO2 in the air is increasing due to air pollution. As a result, the polar ice caps are melting, so how can this advanced science be used for the benefit of humans, animals, life, and nature? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

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