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World Civilization in the Age of Science: Then people will need another world to live. PAGE-5

  Then people will need another world to live.


Infiltration is becoming a big problem in New Zealand. About 20,000 people have applied to live in New Zealand in the last two years. They live on a small island in the Pacific Ocean. They may be poor, but they live in peace.

What happened suddenly? Are they leaving home to enjoy a better life?

 No. They are environmental refugees. Slightly-familiar words to us. However, the acquaintance is growing rapidly.

 People have wanted to be good since the beginning of civilization. One technology after another has come out to keep up with that demand.

 In our assessment, the technology-based way of life is improved. In technology-driven mechanized life, people may have been able to create the environment on their own, but the distance has increased with the natural environment, the conflict has begun.

While ruthlessly destroying nature with selfishness, man has realized his existence is intertwined with nature. So by bringing pollution under control as much as possible, people have become aware of protecting the environment.

Bashundhara conference has been held, Kyoto agreement has also been signed. All this is known information. But is the danger diminishing at all? Or is the problem getting more concentrated?

The earth is heating up. This year, even in cold Germany, in the heat wave, the Qataris jumped into the water barebody. Hundreds of glaciers in Switzerland have slimmed about 15 percent.

At this rate, many glaciers will become history in the near future, and some of Europe's most famous rivers will dry up. Water has started in Asia without clouds.

........ James W. Lipi, Director General of the WWF, has heard another word of apprehension. U.S. citizens live quite a high standard of living. It is a dream in the eyes of the whole world. If people all over the world live that high life, it will take five worlds to save that civilization.

 Luxurious life in America, Canada, Australia - absorbing nature. But the whole world has to pay the price.

In 2050, another world will be needed to save people. ..... the earth is getting hot. The hunger of the sea is increasing.

And the water level will increase by 16 cm in 2030, about 50 cm in 2060. Mr.

China, Bangladesh's delta, Maldives, Sri Lanka will have to pay the price.

 Much of the land can be erased. The rate of development will be reduced.

... advanced civilization is causing more environmental pollution. It is an established fact. We are also seeing a double whammy of expanding business in developed countries.

 GDP is rising. We are busy dreaming of a prosperous financial system. Nature is empty, our future is being used for the sake of advanced civilization. Like a black line behind the Senali Chhatra. Isn't Jha starting a shiny life on the last day? ”

We have to try to turn the scientific mold in the interest of natural development, gradually shutting down all environmental pollution factories. The entire thermal power plant, which generates electricity by burning coal, has to be shut down. Natural electrical energy such as hydropower, solar power, all these electricity need to increase their performance manifold in a scientific way. The use of environmentally polluted fuels such as petrol, diesel and coal should be stopped.

Science needs to develop the idea of ​​how to generate electricity in a natural way by adopting various techniques in a natural way, to generate electricity for our daily life and the movement of the entire vehicle. Which does no harm to our nature.

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