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  Science, religion and world civilization: World civilization, modern science and its progress in the age of science


People on Mars

Operations at NASA's Johnson Space Center

There is no pause. People will be sent to Mars. It will take 1000 days or about two and a half years to return from Mars. Therefore, all kinds of research is going on. The first to be sent in 2008 was the rat-Mars gravitational satellite project. Although there is great doubt about the veracity of the lunar mission, the process of going to Mars is in full swing.

Right now all the ambitious plans are currently confined to the laboratory of technologists. The world is watching the new wonders of technology with startled eyes. On the plasma TV attached to the wall, it is as if the whole world is radiating the globe.

Hundreds of hours of video recording on mobile phones, swimming in the music-romance-webworld. Digital World has introduced new posara. Its next attraction is Nanaye Technology. There are many things that can be done with it - such as building a mobile phone, which scientists say can be used by ants.

There are also new commitments in the field of biotechnology. GM seeds (genetically modified seeds) have already entered the market thanks to genetic technology.

Cultivation with these seeds will increase the production of food grains (although its use is not yet approved in almost all countries due to its far-reaching effects).

Gene-maps of humans are being created Maps of human genes are being created in a multi-million dollar research project called the Human Genome Project. Making exact Xerox copies of people through cloning is now just waiting for approval.

 Biologists predict that stem cell research will play a key role in curing many chronic diseases.

 Scientists have even begun trying to hybridize human machines.

Attempts are being made to create a new, powerful human brain by inserting microchip-like computer components into human heads and using electrodes across nerve-lines in the brain. A new branch called synthetic biology has been born.

Intensive research is also underway to develop Mind-Enhancing Drugs to control the ability of the mind to control all emotions.

Scientists around the world are now doing a lot of work collectively. Such as the International Space Station ISS or the International Space Station.

 At the initiative of 17 countries of the world, the station is 108 meters long and 6 meters wide and 400 km above the surface. Assembled above for multidisciplinary research.

Even scientists say that in the weightless environment of space, curing complex heart ailments can be much easier. His research is also going on. Many times larger than Russia's Mir station, the space station is one of the proudest objects of technologists.

Not just giant observatories; Scientists are installing telescopes in space — with the help of which the secrets of stars, quasars, nebulae, comets and galaxies can be known.

Such as the Hubble Telescope operating in space. Various spacecraft like Pioneer are being sent to know about different planets of the solar system. Mars was known as the Pathfinder of Nasa, etc.

In the future, there may be no shortage of scientists today to send frozen people on photon rockets to reach distant stars. Computers, laptops, web-internet, these are now essential human companions.

 The revolution of information technology or infotech has brought the world much closer. Just by surfing the web, information from any part of the world is visible on the home PC, even on the mobile phone.

Thus the continued research of scientists continues to change the fundamental character of human civilization; With the advancement of science and technology, scientists continue their efforts to make the position of human beings in this nature more secure, happy and luxurious.

 Everywhere now is the triumph of science. "People have now conquered nature with the help of technology," commented Zebranski, author of the article Technology for Mankind.

Science and technology are now one of the weapons, recourse and reliance of human beings in the use of nature and its resources to make human resources subservient to nature.

 The use of science and technology is now the criterion for measuring the progress of human civilization. The only criterion for measuring the progress of civilization and the improvement of human quality of life now is the extent to which he is able to use these ‘useful, enjoyable gadgets and tools’.

As a result, the only purpose of human life is to buy luxury goods. This neo-commodity or consumerism has become the driving force of civilization-culture due to the constant advertising of commercial companies.

The purchase of goods is now the sole purpose of life, the essence, the sole purpose, the center of all activity.

The goal of all governments is to increase the purchasing power of their countrymen. The education system is also run for this purpose. Thus our idea, improving the quality of human life, is the ‘progress’ of civilization.

As science progresses, our daily lives become more polluted, and now the air is not completely clean for our breathing. The air in the city is absolutely unclean. The amount of CO2 in the air is increasing due to air pollution. As a result, the polar ice caps are melting, so how can this advanced science be used for the benefit of humans, animals, life, and nature? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

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