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 World Civilization in the Age of Science: World in the Age of Science. How safe is our world?


Kalpana Chawla, the daughter of a young Indian scientist, looked at the endless blue sky and became a colorful butterfly with her wings. One day, she floated on the raft of a sophisticated spacecraft and floated on the edge of the infinite mysterious sky.

Her thrilling adventure, to know the unknown, to see the unseen. Maybe one day she will discover something new and expensive in a golden moment on a distant planet and call it ‘Eureka’. Will become - according to Archimedes of Sicily, will give the world a unique invention!

Bringing the infinite unknown to the realm of knowledge, and the intoxication of new discoveries has given birth to materialism. And now people are amazed at the new inventions of science. Science and technology now determine the quality of the progress of civilization. After cars, trains, planes, spaceships, television, computers, mobiles, etc., people are waiting for something new. He is making innumerable promises to make science and life easier, he is appearing with all the different posaras one after the other. Therefore, the tireless efforts of scientists continue. The whole world is looking to future discoveries.

Some future wonders of science are hypersonic jet planes.

'Par Arua Astra' - 'Journey to the Stars' is like an airline's dream, and dreamers are now building a flying machine to finalize their mantra 'Fly Higher Fly Faster', which will be five to ten times faster than the speed of sound ( Mac-5 - Mac-10). Ordinary aircraft are subsonic: its speed within the range of the speed of sound (1200 km per hour or Mac-1). The world has seen supersonic aircraft faster than sound.

 Now a joint venture between the aircraft construction company and the space agency NASA is designing the next generation aircraft, which will be hypersonic. Which means it will take an hour and a half to reach New York (11,650 km) with this arterial passenger from Delhi, and it will take only 30 minutes to reach Singapore from Delhi. The Japanese will be able to take daily passengers from Tokyo, Japan to New York on this hypersonic class aircraft, as it will take only two hours.

Sub-orbital flight

This flight system will leave many jets behind. US spacecraft. It is being designed in the style of Columbia or Challenger. It will rise 10-12 km in the air like a plane with passengers.

Then its rocket engine will start, the faster it will enter space; 100 km above the surface in an airless environment at a speed of 10-15 thousand km per hour or more to reach the destination (rocket speed 25 thousand km per hour), then the runway will land according to the aircraft. Thus, it will take 15 minutes to reach Delhi from Kolkata. Russia has already tested experimental models of sub-orbital aircraft.

Hypersonic magnetic train.

What would it be like to have breakfast in London in the morning, cross the Atlantic Ocean, go to New York for office work, and return to London in the afternoon with a friend's birthday present? Do you travel by train? Will the future citizens of the world be able to travel from one continent to another in this way?

The ambitious hypersonic speed train plan of the scientists is going to implement this dream of the speedy man. Various countries, including Japan, are already running high-speed magnetic trains with a speed of 500 km per hour. Scientists are thinking of creating an airless tunnel through the deep bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, which will be floating under water but above sea level with the help of cables. The train, which runs 6 inches above the railway line (with the help of a magnetic field), will take only 56 minutes, or less than an hour, to travel 6,000 km from London to New York.

The people of Space-Age will be able to earn a living effortlessly by running at hypersonic speeds.

As science advances, our environment becomes more and more toxic and polluted, epidemics like corona are spreading all over the world, ice is melting on both poles of the earth, the atmosphere in many cities has become polluted and toxic. No one is being made small here, but we have to think about the environment, about the life of every living thing, but the question for my readers is what will happen if the science thinking style is used for social welfare?

Another question: How safe is our developed world? Reader friends, if you answer through the comments, I will be very happy?

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