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Very Interesting story of Betal and Vikramaditya || Vikramaditya Fight With Yaksha || The Monk Want To Kill Vikramaditya


King Vikrama

Many years ago from today. At that time there was a city called Ujjain. The city was as beautiful to look at as all the learned and talented people lived there. The name of the king there was Gandharvasena. He was also a very learned man. Maharaja Gandharvasena had four queens and six sons.

The princes learned from the guru and became learned and prudent.But King Gandharvasena died suddenly. The rule then was that the eldest son would sit on the throne. Shankku, the eldest son of Gandharvasena, ascended the throne through a grand ceremony.

He talked to the people and listened to their problems.One day he got the news that Bhatrihari, who was in charge of the kingdom, was quarreling with his wife and was leaving the palace and going to the forest to meditate.

As soon as he got the news, Vikramaditya set out for Ujjain. Meanwhile, when Devaraja Indra saw that there was no king in Ujjain, chaos started all around, he sent a Yaksha as the guardian of the city.

This Yaksha did not know Vikramaditya. He saw a man entering the city late at night. Yaksha immediately went in front of him and asked, Aye, where are you going without telling me? What's your name ?

Of the six princes, Vikramaditya was the sixth - his greed to sit on the very throne. So he secretly killed Shanku and ascended the throne himself. However, Vikram was fit as a king even though he sat on the throne in an unjust way. At first he greatly increased the boundaries of the kingdom. Vikramaditya's fame spread all around. One day he began to think in his mind that I am the king of all subjects. It is my responsibility to see the happiness and sorrow of the people. But I am spending my days happily in the palace.I should see how my people treat my subjects.Work as  think. He left the charge of the kingdom in the hands of his brother Bhatrihari and went on a country tour in disguise. Vikramaditya toured many countries.

Vikram was very brave. He said without fear, I am the king of this city - name Vikram. But who are you to ask?
Yaksha said, Devaraja Indra has given me the responsibility of guarding this city, I will not let you enter now without his permission. And if you are really Vikram, then fight me, if you win, I will be able to enter the city.
Both are ready for battle. There was a fierce battle between them. But Yaksha can fight with Vikram or not! After a while, Vikram threw Yaksha on the ground and sat on his chest. Yaksha accepted the rate and said, "Maharaja, seeing your might, I understood that you are the rightful king Vikramaditya." Please let me go now, I will save your life in return.

The king smiled when he heard this. Then he said, your life is now in my hands and you will save my life? Yaksha said, Your Majesty, you are right. But if you do as I say, you will be able to reign happily for a long time.
The king was very surprised. He got up from Yaksha's chest and said, "Tell me what you have to say."

Yaksha began to speak to him -There was a city called Bhagwati. The name of the king there is Chandrabhanu. Chandrabhanu was very fond of hunting, sometimes he would go hunting with his team. One day while hunting, he went to a forest and saw a saint hanging from a tree branch with his head down and his legs up. After inquiring from the people of the nearby village, he came to know that the saint did not talk to anyone and had been doing austerities in this way for a long time.

When Chandrabhanu came back home, he began to think in his mind, what a really hard-working saint! If his austerities are broken in any way, it is quite.
The next day, he chanted slogans all over the state and announced that whoever could bring this saint to the royal court would be given a prize of one lakh coins.

There was a girl in this city who was very poor. Somehow she gets to eat twice. She thought, if the saint could be brought here by any means, then I would have no shortage.

She said to the king, "Maharaj , I will marry this saint and bring him here with the boy. Will you give me the whole one lakh coin reward?

With the consent of the Maharaja, the girl then set out for the forest. He went and saw the saint hanging his legs upwards and his head down in the same way. Seeing the thin face of the saint, She thought, it would be better not to tell him now. She built a hut there and lived there.Every day She would cook Mohanbhog, and gave it in mouth of the saint  little by little.  Sadhu also used to eat it as it was very sweet.

In the same way, after eating Mohanbhog for some days, Sadhu get energy  his body ,and  became  stronger   , and looked at her. Then he got down from the tree and asked the girl, who are you? What are you doing in this forest alone?
She replied, "I am Devakanya, I have gone out for pilgrimage." Seeing your strict austerities, I thought, I will serve you from here for a while.

The saint was very happy and said, I am very happy with your behavior. If you have no objection, I would like to see your ashram.  The girl took the saint to her hut, and began to take great care of him. The saint married her in her false deceit and remained in that cottage. A year later they had a very beautiful son.

 The girl then said to the saint, we have been here for a long time, I think this time we should go to the shrine. The saint agreed. They left with the boy. The girl came to the royal court with the saint.
When the king saw them, he told his courtiers that the girl had kept her word. She married Sadhu and brought a boy.
As promised to the girl earlier, the king announced that she should be given one hundred thousand coins.When he heard this, he became very angry.Leaving the boy there, he set out for the forest. As he was leaving, he promised in his heart that he would take revenge on this king.By performing more severe austerities, the saint became more powerful. Then King Chandrabhanu was killed by this saint.
This is where the story ends, Yaksha says, Maharaj, -
  You, Chandravanu and this saint, all three of you were born in the same city, in the same lagna and at the same time, in the same star.
You were born into a dynasty and became the best king in the world. Chandravanu was born in the Telly family (who produce oil) but became the king of the city of Bhagwati. And that saint was born into the Potter family (who makes pottery), but by doing hard austerities he has gained a lot of power.
He killed Chandrabhanu, disguised him as Betal, and hung him on a shirish tree in the crematorium.
Now they are trying to kill you.If you get rid of him, you can rule for a long time.Saying this, Yaksha left. Vikramaditya came to the palace thinking about these things.
The people are very happy to have their king after so long. The tide of happiness spread throughout the kingdom. The king began to rule and rule the people.Thus several days passed. One day a monk named Shantashil came to the royal court. He began to discuss various issues with the king. Then he blessed the king with a fruit in his hand and sent him away. The king thought to himself, (Is this the monk?) About which Yaksha was telling me.

It is not right to eat the fruit without knowing it. He carefully put the fruit in the treasury. From then on the monks started coming every day. And when he left, he would bless him with one fruit at a time.One day Vikram went to see the stable with the members of the court, the monk appeared there and gave him a fruit as usual.But suddenly the fruit fell out of the king's hand, and out of it came a wonderful gem. The king was surprised and said to the saint, Why did you give me this precious gem-bearing fruit?
The sage says, Maharaja, there is in the scriptures - the king, the guru, the astronomer and the physician do not have to go empty handed, so I bring this fruit.

And not only is there a gem in this fruit, there is the same gem in every one of the fruits I give you every day.The king then brought the fruits to the treasurer and found a gem in each of them.
Then the king examined the gems with the jeweler, the jeweler said maharaja, the value of the gems is more than a few crores of coins. In a word, these are priceless gems. The king was very happy to hear this, then he took the monk's hand and said, Lord, my kingdom and your gems will not be worth the same, where did you get these precious gems as a monk? And why did you give them to me? Wanting to know that.

The monk said, "Maharaja, it is not right to say medicine and advice in front of everyone. If you want to hear, I will go in solitude." The king then took the monk to a separate room and said, "Lord, you have given me such precious gems, but you have never eaten anything in my house." Order what I can do for you, I will do it with all my heart.
The monk said, "In the coming Bhadra month, on Krishna Chaturdashi, I will perform mantras at the crematorium on the banks of the river Godavari; it will give me a lot of power." My request to you, if you go to my ashram that night and do as you are told, then my mantra will be fulfilled. The king said you will be safe, I will reach your ashram at the right time. Blessing Vikram, the monk left.
Seeing that, the night of Krishna Chaturdashi came. Just then Vikram came to the monk's ashram with a sword in his hand. He saw the monk sitting in yoga, playing with two skeletal skulls in his hands, and monstrous ghosts, phantoms, vampires, witches dancing around him.
Seeing all this, Vikramaditya was not scared at all. He folded his hands and said, "Lord, I have appeared. Tell me what to do."

The monk blessed him and showed him the hand-seated seat. Then he said I am very happy with your behavior. Two miles south of now there is a crematorium, there you will see a dead body hanging from a Shirish tree. You take it down from the tree and bring it to me.

Vikrama  said, "Yes, Lord, your order is supreme." The monk sat down in yoga again. The night of the new moon is pitch dark, and it is raining heavily again. The sound of ghosts shouting all around is coming to the ears, who is a little scared in such a situation! But Vikram did not move at all and reached the crematorium with big legs.
That horrible place can't be finished by word of mouth. He saw ghosts all around, witches eating alive people. Going closer to the Shrish tree, he saw a dead body hanging from a tree branch with its head down and its legs up.
Vikramaditya was not left to understand, this is the monk that Yaksha was talking about. Without delay, he hurriedly climbed the tree, drew his sword from his waist and cut the rope of the dead man's leg.
The dead man fell down and cried. The king quickly came down from the tree and asked, who are you? How did you get into such a situation?
Hearing this, the dead man started laughing. The king was absolutely shocked to see all this. At this opportunity, the dead man climbed the tree by himself and hung up again as before. Not a king or a loser, he climbed the tree again, cut the rope and threw it down. The king got down from the tree and asked about his plight. But he remained silent.
King Vikram thought, maybe this is King Chandrabhanu, who has made him a monk. Then he wrapped the dead body around his body with a sheet and threw it on his shoulder. And set off for the monk.
At that moment, Betal, the dead man, said, "O brave man, who are you?"
Where and why are you taking me?
The king said my name is Vikramaditya, I am taking you to him according to the order of a yogi named Shantashil.
Betal said, in the scriptures, only fools, fools and lazy people walk the path with their mouths shut. Those who have knowledge and intellect cross the road to do various good deeds and to speak good words. I'll tell you a few stories, and ask a question at the end of each story. If you answer correctly then I will go back to Shirish tree and if you answer incorrectly then you will die of chest burst.
Seeing no other way, Vikramaditya said well, so tell me.
Then he carried the dead body on his shoulders and stepped towards the monk's ashram.
Betal also started his first story.

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