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The basic three elements of the environment: -Purity is a dreamy past PAGE-9

  The basic three elements of the environment: -Purity is a dreamy past


Three essential elements of life: - Air, water and food. As a result of the exploitation of nature's resources through free industrialization, the purity of these three basic elements has been largely lost.

 Air: - 600 crore tons of additional CO2 is being released into the environment every year from the world's industries. According to a study by the United Nations Environment Program and the World Health Organization, two-thirds of the world's urban population breathes polluted air. In the big cities of India, this pollution is equal to 10 cigarettes per person.

Two thousand tons of coal is required per day to run only thermal power plants in West Bengal. 3 lakh tons in India, it is easy to guess about the world. It is accompanied by billions of cars, billions of gallons of oil and fuel from the mine womb every day for aviation.

According to a study, 75% of the carbon dioxide released into the air each year comes from factories and cars alone. Various gases are mixed in the air, such as ozone, carbon in chlorofluoro, oxides of nitrogen, etc. — these are collectively called greenhouse gases. The wind devastated by their combined infection.

 A person needs 16 kg of oxygen per day. According to the article titled 'Environmental Pollution' in the textbook 'Textbook', a textbook selected by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, a person can breathe for a year in the oxygen that equal a car to travels for a thousand kilometers in 2 day.

One ton of coal burns the same amount of oxygen. Thousands of tons of coal are burned in power plants. A flight from Kolkata to Bombay consumes 60/70 tons of oxygen.

 Thousands of planes are flying in the sky every day. Hundreds of tons of hydrocarbons are released into the air. Space Edge, we dream of space. But one of the space rockets is a whole monster. According to a Colombian rocket, four thousand tons of fuel are burned in the first 6 minutes; Hundreds of rockets are being launched every year.

In a densely forested area of ​​one hectare, four tons of carbon-dioxide is released annually, and two tons of pure oxygen is added to the air. Every second three acres of forest in the world is being destroyed by the attack of civilization.

Every day, Indians alone need about one and a half crore tons of oxygen, five and a half crore tonnes per year. The oxygen produced in India is much less than it needs. Now this deficit is being filled from the treasury of the past. But how long will this treasure be exhausted?

All over the world, especially in urban areas, people have to breathe in less oxygenated air. As a result, vitality and health of the body are decreasing, and the disease is increasing. Almost every person is sick - completely healthy people are becoming increasingly rare.

Oxygen chambers are being set up in cities around the world to fill them with renewable energy. Sit in a pure oxygenated air-filled chamber for half an hour. Come and pay the bill. In this way rich people are reviving their lungs, but what will happen to the rest of the living world of Bashundhara?

And what will be the condition of Bashundhara after the complete depletion of earth's fossil fuels or fossil fuels oil, coal, gas? It is not difficult to guess.

The number of vehicles is increasing by 10 percent every year. The rate of continued industrial growth. In Kolkata alone, an average of 6 lakh vehicles ply on the roads. 80% of pollution is caused by cars. Thanks to them, Kolkata, the city of Joy, is now the third most polluted city in the world.

Every day 15 people are getting lung cancer. Children are suffering from shortness of breath at an early age. The highest number of deaths is due to respiratory complications (11.4%).

In Kolkata alone, 60 people are diagnosed with lung cancer every day at a government hospital. 10-12 lakh people are suffering from lung rage only in Kolkata.

Water: - Water is being sold at the price of milk, mineral water, pesticides and poisons are also being published in the news. Arsenic contamination is occurring in the water due to massive extraction of groundwater; According to natural systems, arsenic is not normal in rivers, beels, ponds and reservoirs.

Pesticides and fertilizers are used extensively, washed away in rainwater or floodplains and spread everywhere in rivers, groundwater and seas. In addition, there is a stream of liquid chemical waste from factories.

Almost all the rivers in the civilized regions of the world are polluted. Accidents from oil tankers and oil mines are also responsible for polluting the oceans. For example, in 1989, 140 million gallons of oil spilled into the sea when the Ixtok-1 oil mine accident in the Gulf of Mexico. 10 percent of the bay is covered in oil.

The average amount of oil spilled by accident from oil tankers is 120 million gallons a year. But 6 times more oil tankers are cleaned up at sea. Marcia de Lay, a scientist at the World Watch Institute, said in a report that the oil washed from the roads of the world is mixed with the sea.

Growing modern alternatives to flowering from the paradise of acid rain. Sulfur dioxide and various nitrogen oxides are mixed in rain, dew, water particles from the burning of oil and coal factories and vehicles, then rain-dew falls through the leaves to the ground and water.

Food: - It is a well-known fact that people say that food is a tasteless and odorless substance, which is oxidized with pesticides. It has been a blessing for hundreds of nursing homes and private hospitals in every state. The sleeping people of Bhopal got a taste of how juicy the pesticide is.

Three thousand people died in hellish torment from the poisonous gas emitted from a single pesticide factory, and two lakh people were injured. Why only pesticides? In the hybrids that genetic engineering has given birth to, everything except humans is now, "hybrid's veins".

For example, an animal called broiler chicken mixed with vulture genes is a protein-rich food for civilized people. At the rate at which gene research is being carried out, it is not too late to reveal the fate of the unfortunate people.

Just waiting for GM seeds or genetically modified seeds to come on the market. The responsibility of measuring the impact of food grains on human life and generation is being left to future generations, and the goal of companies is to make a profit.

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