#GlobalNews #ResidentialSchools #COVID Global National: June 26, 2021 | Wounds reopen as Indigenous families mourn unmarked graves

 Canada's residential schools carry a legacy of pain for Indigenous people who didn't even attend the facilities. Heather Yourex-West hears from families whose wounds have reopened amid the discovery 751 unmarked graves near a Saskatchewan residential school site.

In Florida, as the search for survivors and victims continues in Surfside, where a condo building collapsed, new details are surfacing about an engineering report that highlighted the complex's 'major' structural problems. As Jennifer Johnson explains, concerns were raised back in 2018.

With COVID-19 vaccinations rising and restrictions easing across Canada, the federal government is re-releasing an online tool to help assess the risk of a potential gathering. But as Mike Le Couteur reports, at least one epidemiologist says the tool is too complicated.

In China, the elephants that captured the world's attention by travelling more than 500 kilometres through China are still trudging on three months later. As Redmond Shannon reports, the herd is now turning back, fascinating experts even further.

Plus, the Pentagon has released its long awaited report into unidentified flying objects (UFO), also known as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). But as Mike Drolet explains, the report itself is still about as mysterious as those objects in the sky.

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