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Gifts to the world of dream countries every year Billions of tons of greenhouse gases

  Gifts to the world of dream countries every year

Billions of tons of greenhouse gases


 The luxurious lifestyle of the industrialized countries of Europe and America is a dream for the third world countries. But for this they give the world a huge amount of GH gas, three cars per family, billions of instruments are used as materials for their luxury lifestyle.

For this reason, the 40 richest countries in the world are emitting about 1.8 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the air. In fact, the amount of this gas emission is increasing every year, according to the United Nations report (UN_Emissions by rich nations at the highest level).

 GH emissions from 40 industrialized countries of the world: -

2014 ................................ 2150 crore tons

2015 .......................... 2280 crore tons

2016 .. ..................... 2390 crore tons.

 Needless to say, this level has already exceeded 2.5 billion tonnes. The combined amount of all the countries of the world is more than two and a half trillion tons.

Incidentally, in India alone in 2006 ,5 lakh 55 thousand 60 new cars were produced in one year.

Imagine how many ?, and how many in every decade ?, worldwide.

The result is climate change, a new world record for weather.

Atmosphere trapped by gravity on the earth, if the troposphere is too much, 20 km thick. After that the air is very light, ordinary aircraft cannot fly.

At this level, if twenty thousand tons of greenhouse gases are poured every decade, the world's climate and climate barrage will be played, it is a constant truth even if the profiteering merchants and public leaders do not understand.

Climate is changing all over the world. The world is moving towards an environmental catastrophe.

Some of the amazing events of 2006-2021

December 2007 is the warmest year in the last two decades. In England and Germany, people walk around wearing T-shirts. Rose blooms in London, where Europe is supposed to be covered in ice.

Mount Kilimanjara, the largest mountain in Africa, has lost almost 60 percent of its ice cap. Soon the rivers, fed by these icy waters, will dry up, showing the scarcity of animals in the forests of Africa.

According to Rajasthan, the desert region has been flooded and two floors have been submerged in 20 feet of water.

 ‘Winter theft in Darjeeling’, reports Media.

A huge ice rink has broken at the North Pole, about the size of 11,000 football fields, or the equivalent of the whole of Manhattan.

 The faster a country progresses in civilization, the more pollution it produces, - China (national economic growth rate 11 percent) is the 3rd most polluting country in the world, India (9 percent economic growth) is 5th. The United States at the top.

Outbreaks such as coronavirus (Coronavirus, COVID-19) have spread around the world.

A comprehensive survey was conducted from Oxford University with the help of one million computers around the world.

Scientists predict in the report that the temperature of this planet will increase by 11 degrees Celsius as a result of global warming. They created a world map of a temperature rise.

It is seen that in Africa and Latin America the temperature will increase up to 14 degrees Celsius, while in India it may increase by 4 to 6 degrees.

Graphs of CO2 growth from 1850 to 2021

Graphs of CO2 growth from 1850 to 2021

Graphs of CO2 growth from 1850 to 2021

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