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Endangered Himalayas.World Civilization in the Age of Science

  Endangered Himalayas.


There is no escape in the white snow-capped Himalayas. Huge glaciers in the Himalayas are melting fast. A study by the World Wide Fund for Nature found that the size of various glaciers in the Himalayas is declining by 10 to 15 meters every year.

 Glaciers are usually 2-3 sq km in size. Glaciers will continue to shrink as the rate of melting increases, resulting in dehydration of rivers. The effect will be far-reaching. Groundwater reserves will also continue to decline as a result.

Experts have speculated that the Ganges may be in danger in the future; The Ganges, which originates from the Gangotri Glacier, is shrinking by 23 meters every year. In this way, even if there is inflation and flood in the beginning, the rivers will continue to be waterless.

The Energy and Environment Directorate of the Liverma Laboratory in Washington released a report at the end of a comprehensive survey. “Fossil Fuel Emissions to Make Earth Hotter by 14.5 Degrees by 2300”.

 At the end of the report, there were uncertain fears. “What if we burn everything? It will be a wake up call in climate change. Even if people don't believe in it today, the evidence will be there in 20 years. There are long-term problems. We definitely know we are going to warm over the next 300 years. In reality, we may be worse off than we predict. "

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