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A beautiful story |Prince and minister's son | The prince loved the princess | The minister's son helped the prince |The prince married the princess |Eventually the princess wanted to kill the minister's son.


Prince and minister's son

In the old days there was a king named Pratapmukut in Varanasi. He had only one son. The name is Vajramukut. He was the jewel in the eyes of his parents.

Bajramukut was very fond of hunting. One day he went hunting in the deep forest with the minister's son.After wandering around in the middle of the forest, he saw a very beautiful lake, with ducks,bucks,storks and other aquatic animals roaming in its waters.

The bees are humming very nicely and they are sitting to fly from one flower to another flower. Cuckoos and other birds are singing on the shore of the lake.Very nice place. Sleep comes for a while in the sweet air and cool shade of the trees.The prince got down from the horse, and tied the horse to the Bakul-Tree.
Then he took a bath in the  lake water.After bathing, the prince saw a Shiva temple on the shore. He entered the temple and sat down to worship. When the puja was over, he bowed  to Thakur and came out of the temple. When he came out  the temple, he saw a princess come with her friends, after bathing and worshiping, walking in the shade of a tree. Seeing her, Bajramukut liked it very much.

The princess was also fascinated to see Bajramukut.
Then she opened a lotus flower from her head bang  and took it in her hand.
The flower was first kept on the ears. Then she took the flower from her ear and cut it with her teeth. Then she threw it on the ground. When she left, she picked up the flower and put it on her chest. Then she left with her friends. The prince did not understand anything, what the princess meant to him. But the prince liked her very much.When he saw his friend Minister's son, he told him everything openly.
On hearing all this, the minister's son  hurried back to the palace with his friend Bajramokut.
When the prince returns home, he just sits depressed, does not talk to anyone, does not do any work, always thinks only about that princess.Not eating properly, the prince's face began to deteriorate.
Seeing this condition of the prince, the minister's son became very worried. One day he asked the prince what was the cause of your sudden change.The prince said, "Friend, if I cannot marry this princess, I will die."
The minister's son said, "Did the princess tell you anything while you were leaving?"Bajramukut then spoke of the lotus.
The minister's son thought for a while and said, then everything is known. Listen, wearing the flower from head to ear means he lives in the city of Karnataka (Earhead City).

 That means cutting the flower in the teeth
  -Her father's name is Dantahkaat (The King-Teethakaat's Daughter).Means she is King Teethakaat's daughter.Throwing a lotus flower on the ground means her name is Padmavati (Her Name is Lotus-Mudquune).And taking her to the chest means she wants to marry you.
And without delay the prince then set out for the city of Karnataka with the minister's son.Of course they  not  forgot to take royal attire and weapons with them.

When he reached there, he saw an old woman sitting in a hut in front of the palace. They got down from the horse and said to the old woman, "Mom, we are here to do business. Can you give us a place to stay?"
The old woman was very pleased to hear their beautiful faces and sweet words.
She said, "Sons, you can stay with me as long as you want."
Gradually they became attached to the old woman, that is, they formed a beautiful relationship.
Heard from the old woman, that her son works in the palace. She was also the nanny of Princess Padmavati. Everyone in the palace loved her. The old woman goes to the palace once a day to meet Padmavati(Lotus Mudquune).
Bajramukut said, mother, will you do me a favor?
Tomorrow you will go to the princess Padmavati and tell her that the prince you saw on the shore of the lake has come here realizing your signal.
- Why tomorrow? I am leaving now. Saying this, the old woman left for the palace.

Seeing Padmavati alone in the inner courtyard, she said, "Daughter, I have made you a man like a daughter."
I want you to marry a eligible and qualify person. The prince you saw on the shore of the lake is now in my house. In my opinion, he is suitable for you from all sides.
Hearing this, the princess put lime on the old woman's cheek, and painted ten fingerprints on her cheek.Then she drove the old woman out of the house.
Hearing that, Bajramukut broke down. But the minister's son said, what is there to break? Ten fingerprints on the cheek means you will meet him after ten days.

Ten days later the old woman went to the palace again and met the princess. This time she pushed the old woman by the neck and pushed her out through the back door.
The prince was very disappointed to hear that, but the minister's son said no more worries, the princess told you to go through the back door tonight.
That night the minister's son brought the prince to the back door. Going inside, Prince Bajramukut sees the princess waiting for him.

The princess saw the prince, hugged him, and told the prince to stay.
They got married a week later, the next day when the prince was about to leave the inner palace, the princess did not leave him at all, the prince spent a month there to see.

One day Bajramukut said to the princess, I have got you for my friend the minister's son. But I haven't heard from him for a month now, I need to know how he is and what he is doing.

The princess said, "You have done very wrong." I am sending a variety of sweets. You go to him and apologize.
After seeing each other for a long time, tears came to their eyes. Bajramukut told the minister's son about his good fortune. Then the princess's friend came and gave sweets. The minister's son asked, for whom?

The prince said, "Friend, my wife has sent this sweet for you." She said, "Let me stand by myself and feed you." The minister's son said with great sadness, but I can't eat this sweet, it has poison in it.
My identity to give her, you didn't do the right thing.

The prince could not believe it, the prince thought that the minister's son might be saying these things in anger.
The prince then took a sweet and gave it to the old woman's cat to eat. The cat died as soon as it ate it.
Then the prince was very upset and said, I have no more relationship with Padmavati. Let's go, friend, we're back in the country today.
The minister's son said it would not be right to do so. You should go to Padmavati and tell her that I fell asleep after eating sweets. Don't let him know anything.
Then, as usual, when she falls asleep at night, you will take off all the jewelry from her body and tie a bundle and draw a trident mark on her left leg.

The prince did as the minister told him.
The next day they went to a crematorium of monks and appeared. The minister's son disguise Guru , the prince disguise his disciple, and told him to go to a Sacrament near the palace and sell these jewels.If anyone can recognize the princess's jewelry. And if anyone suspects you of being a thief. Then you will bring him to me.

That's exactly what happened. Sakara recognizes the princess's jewelry because it is made by his hands.  Then the city guard came and captured the prince and the minister's son and took them to the king. The minister-son in the guise of a monk said to the king, "Your Majesty, I was performing the witchcraft mantra last night." Under the influence of the mantra, a witch came and removed all the jewelery from her body and I also painted the trident mark on her left leg.
The king went to the inner palace and said to the queen, see if there is any sign of Padmavati's left feet on it. The queen saw him and said, "Yes, there is a trident."
On hearing this, the king, blinded by grief and anger, ordered Hayek to leave the princess in the deep forest.

The minister's son also went with the prince to the place where Padmavati had been left behind. Going and seeing Padmavati sitting under the tree, she is crying with sadness in her mind. Then the prince calmed him down and took him on his back and left for his own country. After all this time, King Pratapmukut and Rani got their son and daughter-in-law back and were overjoyed. The festival of joy fell in the capital.

After finishing the story here, Betal says, Maharaj, this time, Padmavati, her father Dantakaat and the minister's son, who is the most guilty among them?

 Vikramaditya said, King Dantakaat -why? Betal asked. Vikramaditya said that because, Padmavati tried to kill Mantriputra as an enemy. And the minister's son also treated Padmavati as an enemy and treated her cruelly.

There is no fault in killing the enemy. But the king forgot the justice of Dantakaat and sent the girl into exile.

 After getting the correct answer, Betal went to the crematorium again as before and hung on a tree branch. Vikramaditya also followed him, took him down from the tree and carried him on his shoulders. Betal started his second story.

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